The Queen’s Household Cavalry — taking a break!


The Queen's Household Cavalry Taking a Cappuccino Break

I stopped at the Cornwall apartment this morning and saw something that made me smile; thought I’d share it with you.   The Queen’s Household Cavalry Regiment is based nearby in Hyde Park and naturally take the horses out daily, normally around Hyde Park and adjacent Kensington Gardens.  Some days, though, they choose to trot through Kensington Streets — what a wonderful sight accompanied to the sounds of clopping horses~! Close your eyes and you could be back in the days of the Empire.

The lovely Kynance Mews offers a delicious French pastry shop with Cafe’ au lait ‘to go’.  They stopped and sent two soldiers in to take their orders! It’s so London, an everyday contrast of the English Empire and today — on horseback, but ordering cappuccino’s to go.

Two solders waited at the other end of the Mews to keep a lookout.  As I took the picture an old soldier stopped and had a good long talk with them about the regiment.

London Queen's Household Cavalry -- 2 Men Keeping a Lookout

Queen's Household Cavalry -- 2 Men Keeping a Lookout

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