Let the Games Begin! The Olympics are Here!


The Olympic Rings in St. Pancras Station – a beautiful site!

I arrived in St. Pancras Station on the Eurostar from Paris yesterday — just one day before the Opening Ceremony. Olympic excitement was in the air!! There were dozens of helpers to direct people to events or simply explain how to buy a tube ticket.

Excellent Security in London

You could feel the extra security in the train station and there were extra bobbies and policement to keep us safe.

Stepped up security for the Olympics

In addition to the helpers there are easy-to-follow signs with indications to reach the many Olympic events locations around London.

Everything in pink is to an Olympic Venue in London

It’s simple — any signs in pink are Olympics related!

Similar to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, there’s a wonderful feeling of celebration in the air. The BBC was interviewing some tourists in the station and I overheard:  ‘We love England! Everyone has made us feel so welcome and we’re having a terrific time!’. The English sure know how to put on a wonderful event!

Even directions to the Javelin Throwing Events!

The directions couldn’t be better!

Everything is clearly marked to the various Olympics Venues in London

We managed to get 2 tickets to the men’s gymnastics finals next week and can’t wait to attend our first ever Olympic event.  A brilliant job Team Britain … and let the games begin!

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