A Giant Blue What in Trafalgar Square?


Hahn Cock Trafalgar Square Statue Fourth Plinth

Hahn/Cock by artist Katharina Fritsch in London’s Trafalgar Square

There’s a giant blue cock in Trafalgar Square. Yes, I’m quite serious. And, no, I’m not being ridiculously rude. There really is a 15 foot cockerel that just so happens to be blue atop the Fourth Plinth. You can just imagine the type of fun that that writers and newspapers are having with this. (If you are of the more puritan spirit, just Google for some help.) Now that’s what you call a headline. Ahem.

Lewd jokes aside, the statue of a giant blue cockerel in Trafalgar Square will be hard to miss. (Let’s just call it a rooster for those of you still snickering…) Yesterday the latest statue on the Fourth Plinth was revealed by London Mayor Boris Johnson. The work is called “Hahn/Cock” and is by German artist Katharina Fritsch. It will be in place in Trafalgar Square for the next 18 months as part of the Fourth Plinth Art Project that brings specially commissioned works of contemporary art to the empty Fourth Plinth. Here’s a look at the unveiling ceremony yesterday morning, with a few choice words by the mayor.

As to exactly what it symbolizes … well … we’ll just leave that up to you. If you are curious to read more about the work, we recommend the review of Hahn/Cock at Artlyst. And for the winner of what has to be the most explicit headline of the event, click here. If you’re sauntering through Trafalgar Square, stop by and take a look at “Hahn/Cock” and let us know what you think!

Photo Credits: Hahn/Cock by Ted Littledale

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