Literary Footprints Festival in London


Literary Footprints London 2013

Discover the literary heritage of London on walking tours this month!

We’re always on the lookout for new and fun ways to experience London. With such a wealth of heritage sights, palaces, museums and history, there’s a lot to discover during your stay. If you’re interested in the literary history of London, or just enjoy a good walking tour, then check out the Literary Footprints Festival by Footprints of London. This event takes place throughout the month of October and presents 40 walking tours with literary themes. Walk in the footsteps of Dickens or find out more about Bloomsbury on these fascinating tours led by guides through the streets of London.

A few walking tours caught our eye in particular, like The Importance of Being Chelsea led by Stephen Benton, Walking with Poppins by Amber Raney-Kincade, Covent Garden Literary Heros by Elaine Wein and Keats in London by Anita Miller. You can see the full schedule of walking tours here. Tickets are £10.00 and more information on purchasing in advance can be found on the Footprints of London website.

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