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London Perfect Private Chef Experience

What do you do when you want to enjoy a mouth-watering meal, but at the same time suffer from vacaziness (a crippling case of holiday induced laziness)? We’ve found the perfect solution: Invite the best that London dining has to offer to your home away from home.

This is just what we did recently thanks to the suggestion of London Perfect’s resident tour planner, who handpicked a top chef to come to our vacation rental to prepare an out of this world meal. It’s a special way to treat yourself with a beautiful, relaxed evening during a trip to London.

Our experience started when we opened the door to our own private chef Tony, who has had years of experience preparing cuisine in the finest restaurants and for high-end private guests. Tonight we were the elite, and after a busy day of sightseeing we were looking forward to be spoiled.

We retreated to the living room, giving the master his space to work in peace. The retreat lasted about 4 minutes. We could no longer contain our curiosity, and we went back to the kitchen. Watching him mix one thing while measuring another, the conversation started to flow. We peered over his shoulder and he had no qualms answering our various questions and sharing some industry secrets and techniques.

We were served a variety of delicious canapés to start our evening, and it became very clear that this man loves what he does – and what a gentleman he was. He even encouraged us to experiment in the kitchen more often. “Never be afraid to try something new,” he laughed. When he started with the main course, it was like witnessing a one-man pit crew. Glazing this, tying that, seasoning the other and chopping the next thing … and he made it seem effortless. The aromatic flavours that filled the kitchen only spiced up the atmosphere, and soon we shared stories of memorable meals from the past and ideas for dinners yet to come.

A while later, while enjoying a glass of red wine and discussing our new-found need to join a cooking class, we were served a perfectly cooked saddle of lamb with roasted vegetables and amazing rosemary and crème fraîche Hasselback sweet potatoes. I savoured every bite – the meal rivalled any 5 star restaurant. We took our time, laughed out loud, had second helpings and wished for the moment to last much longer into the night. All too soon, he waved us farewell after cleaning the kitchen. It was a perfect evening.

Next time you’re in London, treat your family to this unique dining experience. It was different. It was fun. It was perfect.


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