How to Make the Changing of the Guard a True London Vacation Highlight!


The Changing of the Guard ceremony in front of Buckingham Palace. Photo by rc.

Watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is a must for any London visitor, but the majority of tourists are forced to uncomfortably watch the procession on tip toe, trying to peer over the massive crowds that congregate along the palace gates and neighboring sidewalks. And while yes, it’s certainly fun to catch a glimpse of those pristine uniforms and fuzzy hats in between the swarms of selfie-sticks, most visitors don’t known the fascinating origins of this procession or the grueling dangers that were once involved with the task of guarding the monarchy.

  • Want an incredible view of the precisely-orchestrated procession that the masses simply don’t get to enjoy?
  • Want to learn the complete story behind this historic march and appreciate the Changing of the Guard on a new level?

Then you’ll want to sign up for a captivating and incredibly budget-friendly Changing of the Guard Walking Tour!

Changing of the Guard Ceremony London

We’ve found the best way to see the Changing of the Guard in London! Photo by rc.

Over the course of two hours, the small tour group will be expertly guided to some of the best vantage points in the city to catch the guard in multiple stages of its time-honored procession. Along the way, the history of this world-famous ceremony will be explained in detail, as other iconic sites, like Westminster Abbey, the House Guards Palace, and St. James’s Palace, are seamlessly blended into the story.

Best of all, you’ll walk away from the tour with something precious that everyday tourists can’t possibly obtain – incredible photos of the procession with some of the world’s most notable sites in the backdrop.

Needless to say, we’re big fans of this walking tour, both because of its modest price tag, and its incredible access that goes above and beyond the standard experience that most visitors have of this iconic ceremony.


Additional Tour Highlights Include:

Crowds gathering in front of Buckingham palace to watch the ceremony. Image provided by Fat Tire Bike Tours.

Crowds gathering in front of Buckingham palace to watch the ceremony. Image provided by Fat Tire Bike Tours.

Buckingham Palace – Now open for the 2015 summer season (complete details on visiting Buckingham can be found here), the tour will explain why this stately palace has been the chosen home for the Monarchy for 178 years. Tour-goers will also learn about the intricate components of the processions, the regiments involved and even the history behind that distinctive, world-famous guard attire.

Westminster Abbey – Delve into the roots of the guards, with stories of the first time that the guards were instrumental to the monarchy, at the iconic Westminster Abbey. This prestigious attraction has been the coronation site for all but 2 of the English monarchs, and is the final resting place for some of the most memorable kings and queens in history.

The Palace of Westminster– Better known as “The Houses of Parliament,” walking tour patrons will uncover the history behind England’s shift in power from the royal family to elected representatives.

The Horse Guards Parade – Tour-goers will watch as the magnificent Household Cavalry begins their changing of the guard, while learning why this often overlooked palace was a favorite residence for the monarchy for almost 200 years.

St James’s Palace – Tour-goers will enjoy incredible front row seats to the initial beginnings of the Changing of The Guard from this stunning Tudor Palace. Guards will march directly past the small tour group, making this one of the best stops along the tour to capture those unparalleled photos.


Tour Details:

Image provided by Fat Tire Bike Tours.

Tour start time: 10:00 a.m.

Duration: 2 hours approximately

Meeting Point: Outside St James’s Park Underground Station, Park & Broadway Exit

Booking: Minimum of 1 hour in advance for online booking (assuming availability)

Price: Tickets start at just £18.00

Ready to get a veritable “Behind the Scenes” tour of the world’s most famous ceremony?  Then check out available dates, and easily make your reservation online for the Changing of the Guard Walking Tour. You’ll capture incredible photos and stories that will be the envy of any experienced London traveler!

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