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The temperature is rising in London, making now the perfect season to indulge in some ice-cold frozen treats. (Though to be honest, there’s never a wrong time to splurge on some ice cream.) Whether you’re after a basic vanilla cone or something more Instagram-worthy, you’ll find it all at these shops scooping up and doling out the best ice cream in London.

The Best Ice Cream in London

Image courtesy of Gelateria 3Bis

Gelateria 3Bis Portobello

Serving up artisanal gelato first born in the Italian town of Rimini, on the Adriatic coast, Gelateria 3Bis Portobello is your one-stop-shop in Notting Hill for icy treats with high-quality raw materials. We love their hand-dipped and decorated ice cream bars and their creamy frozen yogurt. Also, their traditional Italian stracciatella with chocolate shavings has to be some of the very best ice cream in London.

It’s a proven fact that ice cream tastes better when eaten on your own private rooftop patio, like this one at Notting Hill’s Danebury

Notting Hill is also home to some of our best rentals including the comfortable one-bedroom and one-bathroom Leicester. There’s also the gorgeous Danebury, which has an adorable roof deck decorated in sunny pastels, which a great spot to enjoy some ice cream. (Here are a few more prime, outdoor ice-cream-eating spots.) The Danebury also has a mobile air-conditioning unit—a rarity in London! (Other London Perfect apartments with partial or mobile air-conditioning include the Wellington, which has air conditioning in one of the three bedrooms; and the charming Cornwall, as well as the palatial Victoria.)

Image courtesy of Puk Khantho via Unsplash

Oddono’s South Kensington

For more Italian-style icy treats, check out Oddono’s in South Kensington. It’s right by the South Kensington tube station and several lovely London Perfect apartments like the pretty Rockingham, which is actually decked out in ice-cream hues and creamy whites. (It’s also one of our favorite mews rentals.) Oddono’s is a small and sweet shop, but they serve over one-hundred flavors like cinnamon, basil, chocolate and cognac, vodka lemon, and honey. They have plenty of the classic flavors as well. The pistachio is the stuff of dreams and made with incomparable nuts from Sicily. The nocciola (hazelnut) is also a fan favorite, made with fresh hazelnuts from Italy’s Piedmont’s region. One word of advice? Don’t stop at one scoop.

Image courtesy of Dominique Ansel Bakery London

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Dominique Ansel Bakery in Belgravia is another hotspot to sample some of the best ice cream in London. And it’s so easy to reach, especially if you’re staying at the nearby Belgravia London Perfect apartment, a very posh pad.

This year, there are plenty of cool summer inventions to try at the always-creative Dominique Ansel Bakery. Start with the Pop Fleur ice pop made of frozen yogurt mousse flavored with rare Japanese white Wakamomo peaches. The flower design is also very photogenic. And if you’re a fan of flowers, London is positively blooming with them in the spring in summer. (See for yourself here.)

For a very British treat, try the Strawberry Soft Serve made with fresh British strawberries served in a honey waffle bowl made in-house. It’s also topped with fresh berries and white chocolate in the shape of leaves.

Lastly, don’t skip out on What-A-Melon, the bona fide viral sensation. Made with a slice of ripe watermelon and filled with juicy homemade watermelon soft-serve and chocolate “seeds,” this cold dessert was all over Instagram last summer. Get in on the action by snagging yourself a slice this year.

Image courtesy of Walburgers


New to the London scene is Wahlburgers, a Covent Garden burger joint from the mind (and stomach) of Mark Wahlberg (yes, really). Try the Adult Frappes for dessert (or alongside your burger), which are basically grown-up milkshakes. Popular flavors include S’mores and Mud Pie, though we say you should order the Fluffanuttahh, an indulgent combo of vanilla ice cream, vanilla vodka, crème de banana, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff and whipped cream.

Image courtesy of Bubblewrap


The only thing better than an ice-cream cone is an ice-cream waffle. Big on Instagram, Bubblewrap mixes a historical Hong Kong street treat—the hot, fresh egg waffle—with epic topping including fruit, cream, chocolate, sauces, and of course, gelato. Here’s how it works: you pick a waffle base (original, vegan or raisin); then you choose a gelato (vanilla, matcha, strawberry cheesecake or hazelnut); next comes the toppings (practically endless!); and finally a sauce (Nutella, salted caramel, white chocolate or cream). The best part is that every week there’s a new special base, gelato, and sauce to try making this some of the best ice cream in London based on variety alone! Check it out next time you’re visiting Chinatown.

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