Custom Travel Itineraries

Planning a trip to London, but not sure where to start? Let our experienced Travel Design team help you customise your dream holiday in London, complete with restaurant tips, the best tours and local experiences you won't want to miss!

Custom Travel Itineraries

London is one of the most incredible and exciting cities in the world!  There is so much to see and always something new to experience, whether it’s your first or fiftieth trip! The aim of our Travel Design Team is to suggest and book the best tours and excursions during your perfect vacation. We are waiting to assist you in designing exclusive travel experiences specifically around your lifestyle and preferences. Our team knows London and will provide insight and inside connections as well as make seemingly impossible tasks look effortless.

Itinerary Planning Service

The Itinerary Planning service is for guests who know what they want and would like suggestions on their itinerary and day-by-day agenda. We make bookings on your behalf and give advice on the best venues, tours and excursions. Another benefit of this service is that we find availability of the tours you choose and plan your itinerary with ease of travel in mind. All discussions happen via email and a 45-minute phone call. At the end, you will receive a document with your complete itinerary as well as your vouchers attached. The rate for this service is £145 for a 7-day itinerary. Additional days are an extra £20 per day. Please note that although you will receive a day to day itinerary, this is not a personalized and detailed service which includes traveling details and searches for restaurants exactly to your preference. We do however offer a dinner reservation service at an additional cost.

7 Day Itinerary: £145 including a phone call (NOTE: Additional charges for extra days or for last minute enquiries within 5 days of your arrival) - Contact [email protected]

Deluxe Itinerary Service

Your Deluxe Itinerary service begins with a detailed questionnaire to determine your needs and interests.  We then collaborate with you to create a full 7-day itinerary with day-by-day agenda customized to your specific desires, incorporating all your “must see” sights and adding a few of our own recommendations as well. You decide the pace, theme and activity level and we’ll build the Paris trip of your dreams!  Deluxe itinerary planning includes a one-hour phone consultation, with email follow-up as needed to craft the perfect experience for you. As our gift to you, we will also send our very best insider tips for understanding French culture, dining out tips, favorite travel Apps and more. Itineraries longer than 7 days are available for an additional fee.

Deluxe Itinerary: £325 (NOTE: Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for the Deluxe service) - Contact [email protected]

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