London Apartment Guest Review

for Hamilton Apartment

by William B, U

London Apartment Guest Reviews

"Enjoyed the apartment so much - wanted for nothing. Loved the area out back with the spring greenery coming to life and the birds singing their hearts out. Ate most nights here for dinner from Harrod's & M&S and all breakfasts. Were unable to get a reservation at Gordon Ramsay but spent two lovely evenings right across the street at Foxtrot Oscar where the food was excellent.

For seeing London, bus 170 - 2.5 blocks to the left or right - will take you to Victoria Station; so convenient! There are about three stops for Vic. station - get off at the last one after the bus turns right and pulls into a staging area and from there you'll be right next to the entrance to the underground. Coming back there are 2 or 3 stations on Buckingham Palace Rd & you get off at the Army Museum stop. We found you could get anywhere easily from Victoria Station."

William B, Lakewood, Ohio, U

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