London Apartment Guest Review

for The Walton Apartment

by Carle M, United States

London Apartment Guest Reviews

"The Walton was beautiful apartment that was decorated very nicely. It was a comfortable place and very quiet.
There is , however, lots of steps. It is on 4 floors and it is a long way from the kitchen to the master bedroom. So, if stairs are an issue, one should re-consider. If stairs are no issue, the Walton is an outstanding apartment in a wonderful location. The tube station is about a 15-20 minute walk. Terrific restaurants in the area and near Harrods. I would recommend this to anyone for which stairs are not an issue. London Perfect did an excellent job of everything and responded to all requests promptly. I would strongly recommend London Perfect. Lushi transportation was excellent.

Carle M, Durham, NC, United States

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