London Apartment Guest Review

for Gladstone Apartment

by Peter P, United States

April 2014

London Apartment Guest Reviews

"We enjoyed our stay. I normally look to give both the positives and the negatives (constructive critiques), but in this situation, there wasn't really any downsides.

The flat is a downstairs unit with a great location. A mega, upscale mall and Shepard's Bush station are about 2 blocks away. It took about 20-25 minutes to get anywhere (downtown, etc.).

The beds were comfortable, the kitchen was well equipped, and the furniture was nice.

There were four of us adults and it worked very well for 10 days. The TV was nice (we especially enjoyed a show called "Come Dine With Me"). A nice dining room table, sofa, etc. Bathrooms were nice and modern something we always enjoy.

We didn't end up really using the sound system, heated floors or other nicknacs.

If you're looking for a nicer place, with a location that is near a station, I don't think you'll regret your choice of this location.

The reserving and deposit return went without incident."

Peter P, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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