London Apartment Guest Review

for Cavendish Apartment

by Valerie Serdy, United States

June 2016

London Apartment Guest Reviews

"We loved this creaky flat minutes from the South Kensington tube station (literally, minutes. Less than 5. We took the tube every day.).

The flat was cozy and well furnished, tho all the floors creaked and sloped The flat is on the top floor so we never heard creaks from those below us. Comfortable beds and comfy sofas. Loved the giant map of London on the kitchen wall. Really helped us to get our bearings! Opening the door in the kitchen and the windows in the living room create a lovely cross-breeze that kept the flat nice and cool during our humid stay.

We stayed while school was in session and every morning, early (7-ish? 8-ish?) a school group rode horses on the street right past the flat. Very cool, but also noisy if you have light sleepers!
The good news: there is a washer/dryer. The bad news for us Americans: it's TINY and takes FOREVER. Because of the constant on/off rain, we did a load of wash every day. A typical load was 2 pairs of jeans and 2 tops and took about 2.5 hours.
All in all, a great little flat that was perfect for our family of 3: mom, dad, and teen-aged boy.

Can't say enough good things about LP, too. They really took care of us: helping to set up airport transfers, answering our banal questions about weather and whether our kid could eat in a pub, showing us all the ins and outs of the flat, including getting on to the WiFi network. Wonderful service!"

Valerie Serdy, Sammamish, WA, United States

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