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for Cavendish Apartment

by Catherine Adams, United States

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"I cannot say enough about the truly stellar service the London Perfect team provided us during our stay. Their responsiveness to questions and a couple of apartment glitches was immediate and friendly.

The Cavendish home is beautifully located a block and a half from the South Kensington Tube station - a short walk to grocery and food shops & offers access to a lovely private garden. It is an excellent property for light sleepers as the location is very quiet during the night.

The home itself is nicely appointed with comfortable furniture and beds. The sun filled kitchen is open to the living room and fully equipped. The Master bedroom very luxurious. The elevator was quite important as we often had too much to carry up 5 staircases.

There are 2 quirky things about the apartment - the guest bathroom toilet takes 15 to 20 minutes to fill after flushing - old plumbing I understand - but if two adults share that bedroom strategic toilet planning is a must. The second issue - loud squeaky floors along the bedroom hallway - granted an easy fix and I will pass it along to the owners.

Overall we truly enjoyed our stay at this London Perfect property.


Catherine Adams, SEATTLE, Washington, United States

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