What Our Owners Say About Us

Our dedication to our owners and their vacation rentals is what makes us one of the city's most acclaimed vacation rental providers. Read more about what our owners are saying about us.

What Our Owners Say About Us

We are honored to have a wonderful group of owners from around the world who trust us to manage their properties while they’re away. Many of them have become fast friends! We commit to our owners and understand the value of their investment. Our careful selection of properties, excellent marketing, knowledgeable reservations team and dedication translate to the highest possible income from rentals for you.

PS: Even our competitors want to know what our trick is for our high booking rates! A friendly competitor recently asked us if w could send them enquiries when our properties are full, because their owners were unhappy with low bookings. We declined because we value our owners and guests - and keep our winning formula secret!

Take a look at what our owners have said about working with London Perfect.


"London Perfect is extremely professional, responsive and most easy to deal with. As an out of town owner we rely on them to manage the property to the highest standards and address any maintenance issues expeditiously (they treat our flat as if it were their own!). We have had great success in renting the flat during our absences from London."     - Lynn G


"When we first rented out apartment in London we went with another company as we were caught by their flashy ads and cute marketing phrases. We had very few bookings, a lower price than we expected and problems with some of the guests bringing friends to party in London. Not what we expected at all! With London Perfect our apartment booked up right away and we’ve been pleased by the respectful guests. We’re so happy we switched to London Perfect!"      - Ann


"It's just so easy. London Perfect visited our flat and was easy and pleasant to work with. They told us what we needed to do to get the most from our property. After that, they took care of everything. We get regular updates on future bookings and accurate accounting - their clients are very considerate guests."      - Elizabeth Bolton


"My husband and I spend a large portion of the year overseas and rent our beautiful flat through London Perfect whilst away. They have been a pleasure to deal with from the beginning, and they leave no stone unturned doing everything possible to help you rent your flat, including offering suggestions on how you can tweak your rental so that it stands out from the crowd and appeals more to guests. We couldn’t be happier with their service."     - Sarah and John B., London

"With the best investment in mind, we interview with three London agencies. London Perfect offered 50% more than any other agency and our investment estimate was achieved and raised after the first 6 weeks!"     - Robert L.


"We have been letting our flat in London for just over a year, and we love working with London Perfect. Renting our apartment through them has given us extra income when we're away and the team take care of all the rental details so we can relax. Thank you London Perfect for your excellent service!"     - Margaret & Bill, New York

"Finding London Perfect has been the ideal solution to renting our apartment in London. They have done an excellent job renting our flat to a high quality clientele; they are well organized, and above all are pleasant to work with. It gives us peace of mind knowing they are on hand to take care of any problems that may arise with the apartment or guests during their stay."    - Laura Thompson

"We consider ourselves very lucky to have found London Perfect to manage our apartment rental in Kensington. Their friendly people do a fantastic job with the rentals and day-to-day running of our apartment. Most importantly, we find that the tenants are always of high quality and our apartment is returned to us in immaculate condition. I cannot recommend them highly enough."     - Sophie & William, London

"We’re amazed by the occupancy level of our apartment with London Perfect. The reservations team does a superb job. Their clients have always been considerate of our London home."    - Daniela Esposito, Italy

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