Who We're Not

Selectively smaller, we focus on quality not quantity. Learn more about how we provide the utmost service for our owners and guests while maximizing vacation rental income for owners.

Who We're Not

More than two decades in the vacation rental market has taught us as much about what we are about at London Perfect as what we are not. Recently, a friendly competitor in London advertized their enormous size, boasting that they represent 3 out of every 10 homes in Kensington. We kept quiet, but with a smile, as we know this is definitely not us. After experience, an owner who goes with the competitor asks why on earth they would select an agency that does represent 30% of their street - meaning thousands of competing properties that lowers their chances of success?

We choose to manage a small portfolio so we can keep the personal touch and guarantee the highest bookings for our owners. We are dedicated to developing and successfully renting a handpicked collection of fine properties. Our guests appreciate the London Perfect touch and return again and again!

Here are a few more points of what you won't find at London Perfect.

We are Not a Listing Service

Our goal is not to offer 5,000+ apartments in London, grabbing any and every renter regardless of quality. We are not interested in topping competitors to boast how many properties we can present. Instead, we are a boutique rental company that represents a selection of superb London properties for guests who will appreciate and care for your apartment or home.

Automated Service with No Personal Touch

However nice it would be to automate parts of the process to rent your property, each home is unique as is each owner relationship. If we strongly suggest a change to your property, such as a different bed size or living room configuration, it's important that an owner understands it's to help their rental not our own PR. We know our guests and what will appeal most to them, and enjoy working with owners to turn their property into the most successful short term rental possible.

Sorry, We Are Not Like Hotels

We don't rent like a hotel, nor advertize as a hotel-equivalent for the same reason. We don't believe this is fair to you or your valued home. Your home is your castle, and treating it as a hotel appeals to short term travelers often looking for a good last minute deal or a 1 or 2 night stay. They come once and never again. This is not our goal nor do we feel that one night “stands” are right for owners. It's a nightmare for wear and tear on property, increases complaints from neighbours and doesn't offer the best value for rental income.

London Perfect owners appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having the right guests in their homes. Combined with our experience and proven expertize in the vacation rental market, your home will be lovingly and personally cared for while you're away.

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