Who We Are

Detailed, attentive and expertly skilled in the vacation rental industry, we have been representing the top London rentals and providing exceptional service for owners for more than 20 years.

Who We Are

You've found London Perfect because you're interested in earning extra income from your investment property or home. Smart choice! We know there are many options when it comes to selecting the right rental agency. Here's a quick look at what makes London Perfect unique.

We Choose New Properties Carefully

We are selective and attentive when taking on new properties. For each one we prepare detailed descriptions about the property, including careful instructions for guests, neighborhood tips and advice to make sure your property is looked after with respect. Importantly, if we feel expectations differ from our area of expertize, we will tell you openly and honestly, even suggesting alternative options for you.


Your home is a treasured investment, and caring for its safety is our utmost priority. With many years of experience, we'll help you safeguard your valuables and make suggestions to ensure peace of mind while you're away.


It's important not to underestimate the step you are considering by opening up your home for short term rentals. It is a huge step! We do not pretend it is a simple process - only for you to realize later that the set up takes time and there are many details to get it right. We cover all the little details because that's what protects owners and makes happy renters. Some owners are ready for this process while others may not be. We will be up front in terms of what to expect, the good and the bad and everything you'll need to do to make your property a successful rental.

Carefully Selected Guests

The luxury properties we represent are not for everyone. We screen guests who must meet more standards than simply a platinum credit card status. Because the last people either you or we want to rent to is someone who can afford the price, but who views the apartment as a party base for their 50 closest friends. This has happened with our competitors but has never happened for London Perfect. Many of our guests have reserved over the years with our sister companies and come back time and again. Our guests are successful professionals, friends and their families who appreciate beautiful furnishings and will treat your property with care.

Hassle Free!

If your apartment is added to the London Perfect portfolio, our team will handle all inquiries, reservations and management - you won't have to worry about a thing. We offer the very best care for your property and maintenance at reasonable rates.

Vacation Rental Specialists

We only do short term rentals and are top rated in the industry. With this specialty comes a dedicated audience searching for vacation rentals. Our clients are not English. They are predominately American, Australian and Canadian. Our website is ranked very highly in all of those target markets to reach our focused audience.

Free Listing

There is no fee to list your property with London Perfect.


Owners retain full flexibility to schedule their own stays in London.

We Prove Our Value

 experience has demonstrated that we achieve more rental income for our owners than others, and are proud when owners test other agencies only to return to London Perfect. Our goal is to achieve the highest earnings for our owners and this is the goal owners should keep in mind.

But don't just listen to us! We invite you to visit our Guest Reviews page to read what our guests are saying about their stay. And see what our owners love about working with London Perfect, too!

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