Brick Lane Market

Enjoy the wonderful foodie delights of London's Brick Lane Market. Famous for some of the best street food and curry in the world and also a treat for the eyes.

Brick Lane Market


Traders have been gathering on Brick Lane since the 17th century, when the local Jewish community founded a Sunday market here. Centuries later, the bagel shops at the far end of Brick Lane are a tasty reminder of the area’s Jewish roots. In the late 20th century the neighborhood also saw an influx of Bangladeshi immigrants, which has helped build the road’s reputation as the go-to place for authentic curries. Today Brick Lane Market’s East London vibe, eclectic mix of vendors and proximity to companies in the creative arts industry make it one of the hippest markets in the city and well worth a visit. 

Main Features

Starting from the top of the road, join the queue for a tasty bagel from Beigel Bake. With bagel in hand, wander through the amazing selection of stalls that stand before you. See throngs of vintage furniture dealers, vendors selling fresh fruit and vegetables by the bucket and traders offering second hand goods right from the sidewalk. Buy everything from trendy sunglasses and retro dresses to buckets of batteries, toothpaste and second hand tools. The beauty of Brick Lane market is that among the piles of scarves, trinkets and gadgets it’s still possible to get the sense that treasure is never far away. 

When you reach the middle of the market, grab a fresh juice, a box of spicy noodles or a tasty empanada. Afterwards head to Brick Lane Bookshop where you’ll find a treasure trove of books on local London history. If you’re a fan of vintage clothes, make it a point to stop by Beyond Retro to stock up on fashionable finds. Further down the road you’ll pass Old Truman Brewery, a historic former brew house frequently open for food markets or art shows. Towards the end of the road the market eventually dissipates and gives way to a series of curry houses beloved by locals. If you want to dine like a true Londoner, try Dosa World on Hanbury Street. 

Opening days and times

Sundays 9.00am-5.00pm

Elsewhere in the area

Brick Lane Market is within walking distance from the Whitechapel Gallery, Richmix Cinema, Old Spitalfields Market and Columbia Road Flower Market. Take a Jack the Ripper tour to discover more about the history of this fascinating London neighborhood.


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