Hampton Court Palace

The Hampton Court Palace stands on the bank of the River Thames, where it has been a popular attraction for visitors for more than 200 years. Built in the 16th century, the sprawling castle is an oddly aesthetic blend of Tudor, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, and is full of the works of master artists from those iconic time periods.

Travel through time as you explore this palace that has been shaped by its royal inhabitants. Visit the magnificent Great Hall where King Henry VIII entertained his vast court, and admire the richly illustrated tapestries from Brussels that cover the walls, and the ornately carved ceiling that allows you a glimpse of royal banquets past. Tour King Henry VIII's kitchens, which he expanded to cater to his court of over 1,000 and where you can see England's only surviving chocolate kitchen. Wander the palace grounds and take in the beauty of the faithfully reconstructed privy garden that was the exclusive retreat of royals, and enter the Chapel Royal to gaze up at the most beautiful ceiling in England, crafted out of oaks from Windsor Forest, and painted with rich hues of blue, gold, white and red. Pass through the Boleyn Gatehouse to see the astronomical clock which shows the position of the sun, moon and the zodiac signs instead of the time, and lose yourself in Britain's oldest puzzle maze as you navigate the misleading twists and turns. The inherent beauty of Hampton Palace serves as a time travel vehicle that will leave visitors completely spellbound.


Adults: £26.10

Youth (16-17): £20.90

Children (5-15): £13.00

Seniors (65+): £20.90

Family (2 Adults + 2 Children): £71.70

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