Historic Pubs of London

It might not be a pub crawl, but you’ll still have a fun-filled time! As a city full of classic, English bars, pubs are like museums in and of themselves. This tour rolls sightseeing and alcohol tastings all in a single bundle, taking you to three of London’s oldest pubs. It all takes place in the historic neighborhood of Bankside, beginning at The Centre Page, a pub famous for its Charles Dickens references, Guy Fawkes Gun Powder Plot meetings, and the Great Fire of London that almost completely destroyed it. The second stop will be Anchor Bankside, a beloved waterhole for river pirates and smugglers. The Old Thameside Inn will be the last pub of the day, situated by the remains of Cardinal Wolsey’s Winchester Palace. You’ll also be indulged with a beer tasting, and see The Golden Hind, a full-scale replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship. Even if you’re not big on beers or bar hopping, you’ll still be enthralled by the rich history of these three locations. After all, every pub has a story.

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