HMS Belfast

Explore historic warship HMS Belfast to discover what life was like for the crew both on board and at sea.

Originally a Town-class light cruiser built for the UK’s Royal Navy, HMS Belfast is now permanently moored as a museum ship. Find her on the River Thames’ South Bank, between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, opposite the iconic Tower of London. 

Now operated by the Imperial War Museum, the ship was first launched in 1938 and served from World War II to 1963, including combat in the Korean War. No other vessel surviving in Britain today has witnessed events on this scale. During World War II, HMS Belfast supported the D-Day Landings and was the first to fire her guns as the Allies battled toward victory. 

Visitors can encounter history first-hand here. Descend to the cavernous engine and boiler rooms, 15 feet below deck, which powered the ship through Arctic and tropical waters. Keep a lookout on the Flag Deck, nine levels up, offering breath-taking London views. Then get ready for action stations in the Operations Room. Hop on board and find your sea legs as you access all nine decks and even take the helm in the captain’s chair!

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