Even though Halloween and Thanksgiving are traditionally thought of as holidays that are celebrated across the pond, visitors will soon discover that there’s a world or ways to celebrate in the heart of London. The city hosts a wealth of Halloween parties, festivals and special horror film screenings at numerable locations, while history buffs can take in a spooky tour of iconic destinations like the Tower of London or historic York.

The cuisine scene has never been hotter in London, which makes the city an ideal destination for decadent Thanksgiving feasts. Head to a top notch restaurant to indulge in a multi-course meal you’ll never forget or stop by a local market to pick up armfuls of fresh fare to prepare and enjoy at your own kitchen. With exceptional produce, cheeses, pastries and other delicacies, London easily provides all the ingredients for the meal of a lifetime.

When Christmas rolls around, London is truly transformed into another world. Posh streets are adorned with thousands of sparkling lights, storefronts are stocked with sparkling goodies and the latest fashions and a festive atmosphere is found everywhere you turn. Make a date to meet with Father Christmas at a number of locales throughout the city or spend an afternoon ice skating in the shadow of the Tower of London or in front of the Somerset House’s beautiful courtyard. From holiday-themed theatre productions in the West End to the massive Christmas trees in Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden, there is truly no place like London for the holidays.

All of these experiences can also be enhanced with a custom or private tour that dabbles in your interests. Whether you adore food, shopping, history or in-depth explorations, a tour allows these holidays to shine even brighter while presenting a corner of London that will truly lift your spirits.

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