About Us

Welcome to London Perfect, a trusted provider of fine London vacation rentals in the most sought-after neighbourhoods. With over 20 years of experience in the vacation rental market, our experienced team is passionate about helping guests experience a London vacation of a lifetime!

About Us

What Makes Us Unique


Vacation Perfect offers a portfolio of beautiful vacation rental properties for dream vacations in France, London and Italy. For more than 20 years, we have been recognized as leaders in guest hospitality. And for those who want to own a slice of their dream destination, we offer a selection of beautiful properties for sale for both fractional co-ownership and whole home ownership.


Our exacting standards and years of experience means memorable vacations for our guests and worry-free property management for owners who entrust the care of their second homes to us, while enjoying the upside of their investment with income on the rentals.

We’re Particular

Our goal isn’t to be the biggest, but to be the best. We carefully choose every property that we offer, personally visiting each one to ensure that it meets our standards for quality, location, cleanliness, comfort and features.


Our Story

Paris Perfect and London Perfect were founded in the late 1990s by Madelyn Byrne and Philippe Willems, starting with a single apartment they owned in Paris. The property was underused, because the couple had been transferred to London and were busy with two toddlers. Madelyn never hesitated to let friends, colleagues and family use their apartment for free, until she realized that people would actually pay her money to stay there. A business was born! Madelyn saw an opportunity to raise the game on the Paris rentals, purchasing and fixing up properties with great bones, many with amazingly beautiful views. She realized the value of investing in welcome features that few properties offered at that time, including Egyptian cotton linens, luxury toiletries, high-end appliances and beautiful professional décor.

Within a few years, Madelyn’s sister Lisa started Italy Perfect and recruited sister Pat to join the management team. The company was created from the Byrne sisters’ love of travel. Growing up in a large Air Force family, with frequent overseas assignments, a love of overseas travel was cultivated.

Joined by an excellent staff, most of which have been with the company for 10+ years, exemplifies the experience and expertise the company provides.


Vacation Perfect Leadership

Madelyn Byrne

Chief Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, Trailblazer

Born in Antigo, Wisconsin

A former investment banker with a Stanford MBA, there is no challenge insurmountable for Madelyn. Whether it is remodeling La Place Dauphine, a centuries-old hotel on Île de la Cité or cramming an overweight carry-on bag into the overhead compartment, Madelyn is the indomitable creative force of Vacation Perfect. She also leads the charge on our real estate development, having remodeled over 80 Paris apartments. Madelyn’s guilty pleasure is browsing French auction house websites for quirky or whimsical antiques. Travel tip: “In case of emergency, always pack a bar of chocolate.”

Philippe Willems

Valiant Leader, Wine Connoisseur, Opera Fanatic

Born in Normandy, France

Philippe grew up in the small town of Mers-les-Bains and made his parents proud by attending the prestigious medical school in Paris and becoming Chief Resident of the most famous cardiovascular team in France. At age 39, attracted by the excitement and remuneration of business startups, while observing Madelyn’s career, Philippe put aside heart surgery to consult with medical device startups, helping Madelyn with the vacation rentals on the side. As the rental business grew, Philippe became chief accountant, chief legal expert and chief of taming Madelyn’s unbridled ambitions to achievable goals. Philippe’s obsession is Wagner, having seen The Ring more than 30 times. In true French fashion, the weighty question daily is: “Qu’est ce qu’on va manger” (What’s for lunch?)

Lisa Byrne

General Manager, Yin to Madelyn’s Yang, Brings Order to Chaos

Born in Naples, Italy

As General Manager of Vacation Perfect, Lisa oversees Marketing, Reservations, Finance and Technology. Before launching Italy Perfect in 2003, Lisa was a Director at Apple Computer, heading up Apple Corporate Public Relations and Worldwide Employee Communications. That intense experience prepped her for the fast pace of the ever-evolving vacation rental industry. She is the youngest of the six (yes, six) Byrne sisters, so learned at an early age how to cajole her big sisters into doing stuff for her, which helps her corral the energy of the management team. She is hopeless when navigating the backroads of Tuscany, but can remember the exact location of almost any retail store or restaurant she has visited. Favorite restaurant: La Reggia degli Etruschi in Fiesole, Italy. Obsession: Trying to get Madelyn to color within the lines.

Pat Byrne

Loves Guest's Unique Stories, Finds Strange & Wonderful Historical Fascinations

Born on Luzon, Philippines

A technology marketing executive by background and a history geek at heart, Pat is the brains behind setting up systems and processes to automate tasks and organize information. Lisa persuaded Pat to leave high tech behind in 2006 to join Italy Perfect. Vacation Perfect gives her so much satisfaction: learning about guest interests and travels; going the extra step to make things work for her clients; explaining to an owner a requirement that seems very strange to Italians; chattering in her second language; and traveling around Italy on inspection adventures. Pat pursues fascinating back alleys of history with interests in topics like Etruscans and Mithras. She has tracked down and seen every Caravaggio painting and every obelisk in Rome. Newest hobby: paleoanthropology.

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