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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

New to the vacation rental experience or have questions about reserving a rental with us? Read our Terms and Conditions for an overview of planning your vacation with London Perfect.

We are delighted that you'll be staying at London Perfect and we hope this will be the first of many visits! Our goal is to offer our guests a real British living experience and a wonderful London vacation from beginning to end.


The following terms and conditions show our commitments to each other and form your contract with us. (These are the exact terms you agree to when you initial your rental agreement with us). Your agreement is with WVP Ltd, and permits you to occupy the Apartment for the vacation period shown in your confirmation invoice and email together with the use of its contents.


All guests pay the nightly rental plus an Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW). The nightly rental rate for each property includes the cost of the following:

  • The amenities listed for each apartment that may include free high-speed internet and cable television.
  • Welcome basket of amenities upon arrival
  • London Guide with apartment details and loads of information about London and your neighborhood, from local shops to our favorite restaurants and tours.
  • Personally welcomed at your apartment by friendly greeters who take time to show you how everything works and will happily share their knowledge and advice about London with you.
  • Luxury cotton towels, high thread count sheets, bath soaps and hand lotion
  • Starter supplies of dishwasher and laundry soaps, garbage bags and paper towels
  • Prices include taxes, commissions and utilities (as specified)

Additional charges apply for malicious or deliberate damage to the apartment and/or its furnishings, or for personal phone usage that does not fall within the free parameters.



We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa and American Express using a secure online payment system. We are unable to accept payment by Diners Club or Discover Card. You may also pay via wire transfer (in GBP). Please note that rental prices are quoted in GBP and will be converted into US dollars at the time of payment. You can see updated currency conversions at

Price Changes

Our prices are reviewed throughout the year. However, once your booking is confirmed and your deposit paid your price is protected and will not be changed.

If your arrival date is more than three months away:

  • 50% of the full rental payment is due now in order to secure your booking.
  • The remaining 50% is due three months before arrival.
  • We'll send you a payment reminder a few weeks before it's due. Please note that if the balance has not been paid by due date and we've sent three reminders, we will assume you have cancelled and booking and cancellation terms will apply.

If your rental begins in the next 90 days:

  • The full payment is due now.

Your rental is not confirmed until you accept the terms and conditions, and your card has been charged (or you fax us a copy of wire). Once you have booked and paid a deposit, a contract will exist between us.

Making your reservation by telephone, on the website, by email, or fax, means you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions and the general information pages contained on our website.

London Guide and Essential Apartment Information

On receipt of the initial payment, we will confirm your reservation and send a link to download our popular London Guide and Essential Apartment Information.

Visa and Passport

It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party, including any children, have a valid passport and visa (where appropriate).


Check in and Out

Our check-in time is 3.30 pm however we know what it's like to arrive in London after an all-night flight so we try to be as accommodating as possible. If the apartment is ready, we'll arrange for the greeter to meet you at your apartment. (Please note that you must provide us with your arrival details so we can schedule your greeting. And call us from the airport after collecting your luggage to confirm that you are on your way to the apartment).

We do need sufficient time for our staff to prepare the apartments for all guests, and so cannot promise that the apartment will be ready prior to the 3:30 pm check-in time. However, dropping luggage in the neighborhood can normally be arranged.

Arrivals after 7.00 p.m. need to be arranged in advance and are subject to a £ 75 late arrival fee. Staff is not available to greet guests after 10.00 pm but if you reserve our recommended taxi service it could in certain instances be possible to allow you into the apartment after 10 pm in which case our representative will do a formal greeting with you the next morning.

The check-out time is 10:00 am on your departure date. Should you need to store your luggage past this time, our onsite team will do their best to make an arrangement with you.

Accidental Damage Waiver

At London Perfect we pride ourselves on offering fine apartments filled with nice furnishings, antiques, fine linens and top-of-the-line appliances. We want you to feel at home and enjoy every moment of your stay in Paris without having to worry about any "What ifs?" should something happen. Because accidents happen, our goal is to ease your mind and minimize or eliminate your costs if they do. In order to make your stay as worry free as possible all guests are required to purchase a non-refundable Accidental Damage Waiver that covers you for accidental damage and/or breakages up to US$1,500 per stay. The price is £39 for apartments with a nightly rate up to £300 and £49 for all other apartments.

The Accidental Damage Waiver covers incidents such as:

  • Knocked over antiques and lamps
  • Broken kitchenware, crystal and porcelain
  • Accidental spills on furniture and rugs
  • Stains on bedspreads and linens
  • Marks and scuffs on walls or furniture
  • Damage or costs to repair electrical appliances that break through no fault of your own

The Accidental Damage Waiver does not cover:

  • Costs incurred due to negligence or irresponsible conduct
  • Extensive cleaning
  • Costs to replace property keys
  • Costs for accidental damages in excess of the maximum US $1,500 coverage limit
  • Damage or loss that is not disclosed prior to check out
  • Theft, loss or damage of any property owned or brought onto the premises by a covered guest

Please note: The non-refundable waiver does not negate your responsibility as a Tenant to be respectful of owner's property and leave the apartment neat and tidy on departure. To avoid erroneous blame, guests must notify the greeter or London office by email or telephone if anything is amiss when you arrive at the apartment. Damages not reported or that are the result of negligence/intentional acts are not covered under this plan. We will invoice you for any costs or damages that are not covered by the Accidental Damage Waiver.


Travel Insurance

It is hard to believe it will happen to you, but the best laid plans can sometimes go awry. To protect yourself, we strongly encourage you to take out adequate insurance in the event that you need to cancel or have problems while traveling. We recommend Travelex: they offer a comprehensive travel insurance that covers most eventualities. Please click on the relevant link to contact them: US Citizen and Non US Citizen..

In the event that you decide not to take out Travel Insurance you agree to indemnify us against any charges that might otherwise be covered by your insurance.  You further agree that we are not responsible for any costs of cancellation by you.

Cancellation Terms

Our cancellation terms are firm and we are not able to make exceptions:

  • Cancelling more than 60 days before arrival date: Payments made are fully refundable, minus US $150 administration fee and applicable fee charged by bank to process the refund.
  • Cancelling between 60 and 30 days before arrival date: No refund unless dates are re-rented. Best efforts will be used to re-rent the dates. Should a refund be provided, refund will be 75% of the amount collected for the re-rented days.
  • Cancelling 30 days or less prior to arrival date: Rent payment is non-refundable.

Refunds will be processed in US Dollars and refunded to your credit card or bank account.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend a booking

In the history of our company we have rarely been forced to cancel a reservation. In the few cases where it was necessary, it has been to protect guests due to damage caused by flooding, major construction on building or environs, etc. We reserve the right to cancel or alter arrangements made for you whether before or during the vacation period provided that such cancellation or alteration is necessary (a) due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control or (b) to perform or complete essential remedial or refurbishment works. Should this happen, our policy is the following:

  • We would offer a property of equal or greater value in exchange. If the property is of greater value, you will be upgraded at no extra cost. If this is unacceptable, you will be given a 100% refund.
  • If the only apartment available is of lesser value, you will be refunded the difference as soon as possible. If you decide not to occupy the alternative apartment, you will be given a 100% refund.
  • If you decide to stay in the alternative apartment, this indicates full acceptance of our offer.
  • If we have no availability in our apartments we will refund your payments immediately and do our best to help you find alternative accommodation. Please note that this has not happened in the history of our company.

We do our best to notify guests about works in the lobby or common parts of a building, but, unfortunately, we are not always informed ahead of time and cannot be held responsible for building work beyond our control. Understandably, our commitment is to the apartment and do our best to provide impeccably clean properties, well maintained, matching the descriptions advertized.


Your Responsibilities

We remodel our apartments with care and quality furnishings. Thank you for treating the apartment as if it were your own home.

Your apartment will be clean and tidy when you arrive and you are expected to leave the apartment in a similar tidy condition when you leave. This includes disposing of trash and doing the dishes. We thank you in advance for this courtesy. If upon arrival you spot an issue of cleanliness or damage, please inform the greeter immediately so we can take care of the situation immediately.

For stays of 2 weeks or longer, cleaning will take place weekly after one week. (Extra cleaning can be arranged for a fee). Please note that apartments left in an unusually dirty state will be subject to an additional cleaning charge.

You agree that you will not use the Apartment for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities or carry on there any act that might be a nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours.

You will be responsible for all payments and for any malicious damage whether caused by you or a member of your party and shall make your party fully aware of these Terms and Conditions. Instructions specific to the Apartment will be discussed with you at the time of arrival.

Children's Supervision and Parental Responsibility

Please remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that children are adequately supervised and do not cause any damage and to respect the peace and quiet of the building. These are old buildings and noise can reverberate! Please don’t allow children to play loud games in the apartment or to shout, especially at night or early in the morning.

Age Restrictions

Some of our apartments have strict age restrictions and these are in place for various good reasons (age restrictions are stated in our official apartment descriptions). Please be aware that a disregard for age restrictions may result in refusal to check you into the property or a requirement for an additional security deposit (depending on our arrangement with the apartment owner).

Phone and Internet

The UK and the rest of Europe are different from the US because the phone company charges by the minute for outgoing local phone calls in addition to the cost of monthly line rental. The phone company does not charge for incoming phone calls. Long distance calls cost 2-3 times more than in the US. You are kindly requested to either buy a phone card at any news agents when you arrive in London, or to use an AT&T, MCI or Sprint card for the telephone.

Most of apartments offer high-speed internet access free of charge. It is possible that the system may not be compatible with your computer. It is a good idea to carry a standard Ethernet cable in case your computer is unable to connect with the wireless signal. If your computer needs to be reconfigured, we can provide the name of a computer tech person who can set up the connection at your own expense.

Equipment Breakdowns

Please alert us of any problem as soon as it is identified and every effort will be used to rectify the problem as quickly as possible. If we are not informed of a problem we cannot resolve it for you.

While we cannot be held responsible for breakdowns of mechanical equipment in common area of the building or failure of public utilities, we will do our absolute best to resolve the problem in every way possible.

Right of Entry

We reserve the right to enter the Apartment at any reasonable time for reasonable cause. This includes the need to undertake unforeseen (internal and external) remedial repairs. Authorized contractors may enter the property for repairs/cleanings as required.

We will give you reasonable notice of such requirements and will do our best to restrict the hours of access from 9am-5pm wherever reasonably possible.

Number of people in the party

The number of people sleeping in the apartment must not exceed the maximum number of guests as stated in our official property description. We are contractually bound to adhere to the occupation limits as set by property owners and/or in line with the legal limits imposed by the local authorities. Over occupancy can result in a request to evacuate the apartment immediately with no refund.

We understand that you may wish to entertain while staying in your vacation rental. Should you wish to do so please ask us for details of the maximum number of visitors. Should your party exceed this limit we would be please to recommend alternative venues.

No smoking, No pets

Our properties are smoke and pet free, this include balconies and terrace areas. We appreciate that you and the people in your party agree to and will respect this policy.

Personal Liability Security and Valuables

Any lost property found after your departure from the Apartment will be returned to our office and retained for a period of 6 months. All measures have been taken to ensure that the rental property is secure. We install the best locks and the greeter will explain how to dead bolt your front door, lock windows when you arrive. It is your responsibility to make sure proper precaution is taken against theft and burglary including dead-bolting the door and latching all windows (or correctly latching the shutters) whenever you are out. You are liable for any costs associated with a failure to follow these requirements.

Please make sure your personal or travelers' insurance will cover you in the unfortunate event that you injure yourself in the property or become ill during your stay.

In the unlikely event of theft or damage to person or personal belongings, fire, terrorist attack, civic unrest or other force majeure event neither the Rental Agency nor the Apartment Owner are responsible for direct or indirect harm suffered.


In the event of any dispute, this Contract will be construed as a whole and interpreted in accordance with its fair meaning. This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Bermuda law and will fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bermuda courts.

Entire Agreement

The parties agree that this Contract constitutes the entire agreement between them. A facsimile of this Contract or an Attachment thereto is valid as an original copy.

The clauses of this contract shall operate on the basis that the terms and conditions and provisions contained within them shall be severable so as to have effect as separate and distinct rights, provisions and obligations independently of the others. In all cases where any part of these terms and conditions is an unenforceable provision it shall not affect the validity of the remaining portion of these terms and conditions which remain in force.

Limitation of Liability

You agree that WVP Ltd / Owner's liability for all claims, of any kind, arising out of this rental engagement shall be limited to the total fees paid by You on this engagement. In no event shall WVP Ltd be liable for any special, indirect, punitive, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages, any damage that is not reasonably foreseeable or any damages whatsoever resulting from the cancellation of a reservation.

Nothing in this clause shall be construed as excluding any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under the laws of Bermuda except in so far as it is competently varied or excluded and these conditions shall be read and construed accordingly.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Protecting the privacy of our clientele is an obligation that we take very seriously. We are committed to protecting all of your personal information.

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