Travel Insurance

Protect your London vacation investment with travel insurance. Providing ultimate peace of mind, travel insurance will ensure your getaway is stress-free, from initial planning to departure.

Travel Insurance

Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

As you start planning your holiday in London, chances are you will be going over which of the city’s fabulous museums and parks to visit, the best places to dine on authentic fish and chips, when to watch the Changing of the Guard and what to pack for your trip. With so much to think about, travel insurance can easily get lost in the mix.

Travel insurance is a valuable asset to have in the event that your trip does not go quite as planned. Offering peace of mind, an insurance provider can advice you in travel emergencies and compensate you for everything from minor flight delays to major accidents. While travel insurance policies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, most basic plans include compensation for the following events:

We Recommend Travelex for US Travelers

A number of different companies offer travel insurance packages. However, in our experience, Travelex suits our guests’ needs the best. They have three packages available for purchase: Travel Basic, Travel Select and Travel Max. Each includes fully compensation in the event that your trip is canceled or interrupted. You will also receive up to a fixed amount if your trip or luggage is delayed; you miss a cruise connection or incur medical expenses abroad. Add-ons to cover flights and rental cars are also available through Travelex.

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