Brixton Market

London's liveliest market has a unique Afro-Caribbean influence, which makes it one of the most distinctive markets. Explore mazes of covered arcades and sample London's global influences.

Brixton Market


Established in 1870 as a fruit, vegetable and flower market, Brixton Market quickly grew to encompass several street markets and covered arcades. Following World War II, Brixton saw an influx of immigrants from the Caribbean and since then the market has been known for its distinct Afro-Caribbean flair. These days you can find pretty much anything at Brixton Market, from pots and pans to mobile phones and exotic Caribbean fruits. If you can dream it, you can buy it at Brixton Market. 

Main Features

This is London’s liveliest market. Talk a walk down to Electric Avenue (yes, this is the Electric Avenue from the famous song) for fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and ingredients from Africa and the Caribbean. Londoners and tourist alike travel from all over the city for the market’s wide range of yams, mountains of fresh callaloo (a traditional Caribbean dish), prize Ugandan avocados and raw aloe vera. It’s also where you’ll find the finest Thai mini-market in South London and the best place in the city for collectable Reggae records.

Wander through Brixton’s maze of covered arcades and chow down on fresh Thai food, delicious burgers and mouth-watering pizza from local London favorite Franca Manca. If you arrive early, grab a slice of cinnamon toast and a cup of coffee at Rosie’s Deli Café. In addition to good eats, Brixton Market is a treasure trove of vintage clothes, furniture and all manner of useful home ware bits and pieces. Take a wander, take a bite and then go back for more. 

Opening Times

Tuesday - Sunday 8.00am-11.30pm 

Mondays 8.00am-6.00pm

In the Area

Stop by The Ritzy Cinema, an art house cinema and live music venue located right next to the market. Another notable performance venue, The Brixton Academy, is also nearby. On a sunny day take a stroll to Brockwell Park and remember to bring your bathers for the lido! 


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