Camden Market

Join the trendy crowds who flock to the Camden Market for up-to-the-minute fashions, art and music. A vibrant and colorful destination, Camden boasts an eye-catching world of eclectic style.

Camden Market


Camden Market actually refers a collection of adjoining markets within Camden Town. A small market has operated here since the early 20th century, but the area didn’t become a real shopping destination until relatively recently. Home to a railway line, stables and a canal, Camden was traditionally a sooty, grimy hamlet of London and the trade was limited. The market as we know it today was set up in the late 1960s in response to the area gaining a bit of a reputation as an alternative hang out and has grown in size and popularity ever since. 

Main Features

If you’re into food, fashion, music or art, then Camden is the market for you. There’s definitely an alternative vibe here, and teens in particular love Camden. However, with thousands of different shops and food stalls, there’s plenty here for visitors of all ages to enjoy.  

Camden Lock Market and Camden Lock Village Markets are quite similar in that they both offer jewelry, accessories, arts and crafts, fashion and food and drink. Camden Stable Market specialises more in antiques, vintage fashion and international street food. It’s the place to pick up vintage tees, statement political badges and pre-loved leather satchels.

If you do plan on visiting Camden Market, make sure to set aside enough time to explore this lively part of London. The combined market is massive, encompassing thousands of different stalls spread out along waterways, converted horse stables, and historic buildings. To avoid the crowds, arrive early on weekends or visit on a weekday. 

Days and Times

Daily 10.00am – 6.00pm

In the Area

Take a trip to Primrose Hill for a stunning view over London and perhaps a picnic if the weather holds, or otherwise head to one of the many gastropubs that surround the park. Do look out for celebrities; this is where many famous faces reside! Alternatively, take a stroll along the adjacent canal or take in a show at the hip Roundhouse. 


Closest Station

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