Portobello Road Market

One of the world's best antique markets, Portobello Road is a shopping must in London. From antiques to current fashions, enjoy a beautiful day in Notting Hill exploring this colorful market.

Portobello Road Market


It’s hard to believe now while strolling down the colorful street on a bustling Saturday morning, but Portobello Road was once a winding country lane on the outskirts of London. In the Victorian times wealthy residents rushed in to occupy elegant new homes built in the area. This influx of new income brought enterprising vendors to Portobello Road selling household items, second hand goods and eventually antiques. Over time the market expanded significantly and grew to include food stalls, and today the market is one of the most popular in London. 

Main Features

Portobello Road Market is one long, long road of stalls, shops and people. This is a busy, lively and fun place to be. Expect to discover all kinds of antiques and vintage goods that make for perfect one-of-a-kind souvenirs. The traders here really know their stuff, so while you’re unlikely to snap up an undiscovered gem, you can be rest assured that there’s no shortage of high quality antiques on offer. Closer to the center of the market are clothes and food stalls, and further down the road you’ll find all sorts of kitchen odds and ends. 

Portobello Road attracts visitors from all over London and the world, and it can get very busy in the afternoon. If you’re feeling peckish and don’t want to wait in a long line, find a café off a side street. Ottolenghi on Ledbury Road is a great option that offers fresh Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired food as well as luxury baked goods. For a sweet treat on the go, grab a gourmet cupcake from the oh-so-adorable Hummingbird Bakery.

Opening Day and Time

The antiques market is from Saturdays 8.30am-9.00am-4.00pm with some vintage fashion and food stalls open on Fridays as well. Choose Saturdays for buzz and Fridays for thinking time. To avoid the crowds, we recommend you try to arrive before 11.30am. 

Throughout the week the Portobello Market caters to locals with a lovely fruit and vegetable market that also features freshly baked breads, organic meats and UK products 

In the Area

Fans of the film Notting Hill will immediately recognize some of the spots where the movie was shot throughout Notting Hill, including the Notting Hill Bookshop, the famous “blue door” and the historic Coronet Cinema located along Notting Hill Gate. The residential neighborhoods surrounding Portobello Road Market are among the most beautiful in all of London and are worth having a look around. On a sunny day nothing beats a stroll to the beautiful Kensington Gardens.


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