Thames River Dining

The views along the Thames are even more delicious when great food is involved. Complement a dining experience with postcard-worthy vistas, and take your London culinary adventures to the next level.

Thames River Dining
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Riverside Pubs & Bars

A number London’s favorite attractions are found just steps away from the water – like the London Eye, the Tate Modern, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and even Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. As such, visitors shouldn’t be too surprised that the pubs and bars found at the water’s edge have spectacular views of some of the city’s most acclaimed landmarks. Outfitted with outdoor seating that’s ideal on sunny days, and plenty of refreshments that provide a nice break from area sightseeing, the riverside pubs and bars are an ideal “rest stop” for visitors who are touring the endless sites found along the Thames Riverfront.

© Arpingstone

Lunch & Dinner Cruises

Set sail on a dining adventure where the scenery changes with every passing second by embarking on a Thames dinner cruise. There are ample options for enjoying a leisurely and professionally prepared meal on the water, and visitors can create a postcard perfect dining experience that meets and exceeds their sightseeing expectations. Take the kids along for a casual lunch cruise that features stunning perspectives of London Bridge and Big Ben, or treat a loved one to an unforgettable night with a romantic dinner cruise where the sparkling lights of the city steal the scene. Effortlessly easy to enjoy rain or shine, a dinner cruise combines the best vistas in the city with an enticing meal to create a truly memorable dining experience.

Afternoon Tea

A leisurely afternoon tea is a cornerstone of refined London living, and visitors can make this tradition even more enjoyable by heading to one of the many destinations that are perched along the waterfront. From the initial array of finger sandwiches, to the decadent pastries and desserts, tea-goers will want to linger and enjoy every course when the Thames serves as the picturesque background. Popular with locals and tourists alike, afternoon teas in waterfront locales are truly spectacular, and provide an extra excuse to take a breather from the adventures of the day, and simply unwind with a good spot of tea. Just be sure and make reservations in advance – the best venues tend to fill up fast on clear days when the sparkling waterfront views are at their best.

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