The Best Christmas Store Ever: Fortnum and Mason in London!


It’s the perfect time of year to come to London!   You’ll find Dickens Christmas spirit is everywhere… Here, we captured a red London bus driving past Fortnum and Mason.

2 s christmas scenes londonperfect luxury rentals

The Perfect Christmas in London!

The entire London Perfect team met in London last week for our company  get together.  We worked hard, coming up with ideas to help guests — and also had a lot of fun.  We worked hard all day, then explored museums, shops, sights and enjoyed plays afterwards

1 s christmas decorations london england

Gorgeous Christmas Tree at Fortnum and Mason in London

We universally voted Fortnum and Mason the best Christmas store in the world. Everything, from the gorgeous display windows, outdoor lights to the individual departments were wonderful. Founded in the 1700’s, Fortnum’s story is as interesting as the store.  It was founded by a footman to the Queen, William Mason and his landlord who had a shop in Mayfair,  Hugh Mason.  Fortnum noticed that the Royal Family insisted on buring fresh candles every ngiht of the year, which meant alot of leftover wax.  As a sideline, he and William Mason melted down the excess wax and sold them to the public.  The rest is history!

3.1 s best christmas display windows

Most beautiful Christmas windows ever!

The window themes tell a story about ‘Christmas in England  long ago’ …  from Charles Dicken’s days to the 1950’s.  With fine detail and stories in each scene, they have attracted thousands of families, who are entranced.

3.3 s santa windows london

Santa coming to town… in London England

A miniature scene of Dicken’s Christmas Carol, with carollers singing on the street outside a Victorian mansion. The quality and detail are astonishing.  You could spend an hour on each window.

3.3 s london display windows

Beautiful, detailed scene from Dicken’s Christmas Carol. Best London store windows

To a scene from the 1920’s where a mother is bringing in Christmas dinner.  Notice the paper crown on her head.  English families buy Christmas crackers of every shape and style.  They pop them open and wear these funny hats for dinner.

3.3 s 1950 style display window

Old fashioned style window.  Preparing dinner in the old servants quarters — by a modern 1920’s mum.

To a 1950’s scene with mum in red dress decorating the Christmas tree.  We couldn’t believe the marvelous detail in each of these scenes.

3.2 s christmas windows london

Mum decorating the tree in front of the fire

 Step into the entrance of Fortnum’s to find the Royal seal and crown above the doorway.  You’re greeted by carved life-sized footmen on each bannister. When you step into the store, you’re transported in time to 1707, the year Fortnum and Mason was founded.

5.3 s footmen fortnums entrance

The famous carved footmen at the side entrance to Fortnum’s.

Londoners love to say: ‘The Queen may buy her tea at Fortnums but she purchases her undies at Markd and Sparks (Marks and Spencers)!’  Their famous tea carries the prestigious Royal Seal from Buckingham Palace. My favorite is English breakfast, but others vote for Queen Anne, Earl Gray and others

5.2 s fortnum red coated clerk

A red-coated modern day footman, re stocking Fortnum’s famous teas

In 1744 the East India Tea Company was founded and became a power unto itself.  The Company became one of the strongest exporters in the world and  introduced the English to …. tea!  A number of Fortnum’s were employed by the East India Tea Company, which meant Fortnum and Mason was at the forefront of tea, spices and other imports. It slowly evolved into a gourmet grocery store.

5.2 s the queen's tea

Fortnum’s fabulous loose teas.

The descendants claim it was probably NOT their tea which was thrown overboard on that fateful day in Boston Harbor: ‘because our tea has always been very reasonably priced’.  Read more about Fortnum’s History !

5.1 s best tea in england fortnum and mason

The inside of the store is fabulous!  Each department has unique and excellent products — it’s a one of a kind shopping experience.

4 s white wig food attached

Apples, forks and foods in stylish wigs!

we loved the series of mannequins wearing enormous white French wigs that were decorated with luxury foods… showing  their artistry and originality!

4 s man in wig decorations londonperfect shopping

Carrots and oyster in French man wig!

We think the English love to ‘take the Mickey’ out of the snobbish French, seen by this French and his enormous wig above.

4 s grapes and cheese in man's wig

Grapes and cheese French woman’s wig. Tongue in cheek english humor

Or the close ups of the Noble French woman — with the knives and forks in their wigs, it’s definitely Des Liasons Dangereuses.

4 s back of white wig fork in hair

White wig closeup; how about carrots and potatoes and pate’ in your hair?

4 s gorgeous shops london fortnums

Ceilings of Fortnum’s in London England. Beautiful wreaths and decorating heads of mannequins

Head upstairs to the Christmas department, the most magical you could find. .  Children are enchanted by the purple train, baskets full of miniature decorations, Christmas crackers, beautifully decorated Christmas trees and decorations.

3 s christmas department train

Purple Christmas train

Ahhhh, the undying traditions in Royal England.  The clerk wear long coats in red…

8 s red coated clerk fortnums

Clerk in the Christmas department Fortnum and Mason

We couldn’t resist purchasing some of the hand-made Christmas decorations — produced especially for F and M! First basket is the Queen’s crown… These make wonderful small gifts for friends and family, all year round.

7 s royal crown christmas tree decoration

Baskets of hand made royal decorations. The Queen’s Crown

And the Royal Carriage — Fortnum’s delivers tea to Buckingham Palace in a carriage….

7 s queens carriage london christmas decoration

The Royal Carriage delivers tea from Fortnums to the Queen

A perfect small gift or souvenir from your trip to London is this black London taxi christmas decoration!

7 s london taxi christmas decoration

The famous black London taxi christmas tree decor. We couldn’t resist …


7 s fortnums clock

The Fortnum’s clock and chandelier inside the store

7 s fortnum blue color

Christmas decoration — the famous Fortnum’s tea cup with logo

The famous London Beefeater tree decoration from theTower of London

7 s beefeater christmas tree decoration

Hand made Beefeater Christmas ornament in London

12 s little gift selection stocking stuffers london engalnd

Entrance to the Christmas department; little gifts on round red stand

12 s small gifts souvenirs london engalnd

Favorite small gifts: scented candle and round box with Knowledge Quizz!

12 s mens department storeMen’s canes and hats — so veddy English!

We hope we’ve put you in the holiday spirit and that you’ll come to London for Christmas to see and experience this magical time!

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