Churchill Museum and Cabinet

Winston Churchill was Prime Minister throughout WWII, and left an indelible mark on history. Discover his life and legacy as you follow his rise to power and his leadership throughout the war years in the Churchill museum, where interactive displays lend you a greater understanding of this historical figure. Descend below the streets of Westminster and enter the underground bunker where Churchill held his cabinet as bombs rained down on London. As you explore war, rooms you'll come across many historical treasures, from the Transatlantic telephone used by Churchill and Roosevelt to the coveted sugar ration of one officer found hidden in an envelope in his drawer. See the BBC's broadcasting equipment on which Winston delivered his inspiring speeches to the nation, and the blackboard which still bears the casualty numbers from the 15th of September, 1940.

The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms gives visitors a glimpse of this celebrated national hero, and an insight into his important role in the history of Britain and the world.


Adults: £26.35

Children (5-15): £13.15

Seniors (65+): £23.60

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