London Underground Small Group Walking Tour

London Underground Small Group Walking Tour

Trainspotters will adore this two-hour tour of London's famous Underground system, led by an expert guide.

Adult Price £23.00

Jack the Ripper Evening Tour

Jack the Ripper Evening Tour

Embark on a journey that will truly send shivers up your spine. As night falls over the streets of London, you'll explore the city's dark history on this guided tour of infamous haunts.

Adult Price £45.00

Harry Potter Film Locations

Harry Potter Film Locations

A wonderful walking tour showing the magic of Harry Potter's film locations in London! Be dazzled by the most iconic filming locations, including the Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley and Platform 9 3/4.

Adult Price £28.00


A pair of comfortable walking shoes is all you’ll need to start an extensive exploration that covers centuries of history or that allows you to visit the top pubs and eateries in the city. On a guided walking tour, visitors can uncover a wealth of treasures in plain sight at a leisurely pace, while enjoying ample opportunities to pause and take a frame-worthy photo or two.

Our selection of walking tours concentrate on top regions in the heart of the city, where a hefty sample of attractions are lined up in a single and easily-accessible neighbourhood or borough. On a classic London walking tour, visitors can start their adventure with a 2,000 year-old glimpse into London’s past at the original Roman Wall, and can follow this timeline to the present day, while enjoying a wealth of stories and legends along the way, as well as an easy-going stop for classic fish ‘n chips.

Libation lovers will adore a pub-centric tour of London’s hot West End, which winds through historical pubs that only the locals know, and which are conducted under the guidance of a renowned beer (and local history) expert. With ample stops at some of the city’s favorite off-the-beaten-track historical pubs, and a hefty sample of world-famous European and British brews while en route, this tour is the perfect mix of education and exuberant fun.

Whether a visitor wants to take a classic exploration of London’s top neighbourhoods and lesser-known distinctive sites or wants to dedicate a little time to exploring the world-famous pub scene or other interest-specific destinations, a walking tour effortlessly peels back the layers of London’s rich history and culture. Start a vacation with a full-fledged introduction to the local regions that have put this city on the global map, and embark on a walking tour that will enlighten any London exploration.

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Learn the history behind the city's iconic sites and attractions on a walking tour that goes miles beyond a typical stroll through the city!