The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is the most enjoyable way to discover the city's most horrific history - from the Black Plague to the Fire of London, and from bloodthirsty kings to mass-murdering butchers.

Enter the ancient creaking lift and delve into London's dark history with a descent into the depths of the London Dungeon. Be on the lookout for grave robbers as you explore London's underworld where the grisly trade of fresh human corpses is thriving. Pass through the medieval courts at a time when over a hundred crimes were punishable by death, then experience heart-stopping fear as you plunge into darkness on the Drop Dead ride. Discover the wrath of King Henry VIII as you embark on a terrifying voyage alongside the condemned Anne Boleyn and the Black Jester on the River Thames, and be led into the torture chambers where England's most notorious criminals had their tongues twisted into giving confessions. Throughout this experience, the actors stay in character and provide a historical account of London's most horrible histories with a black humour and sassy attitude that will leave you both laughing and cringing.


Adults: £28.00

Children (3-15): £22.50

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