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Escape to Cornwall in Liz Fenwick’s latest novel!

If you’re like us and love escaping to beautiful travel destinations when you dip into a new novel, then you’ll love Liz Fenwick and her novels set in England’s rugged and enchanting Cornwall. Her debut novel The Cornish House caught our eye with its beautiful cover and story about the power of a new landscape in healing the heart. We were thrilled that the release this month of her second novel, A Cornish Affair, will bring Liz Fenwick to London for a book launch at Waterstones in Kensington! The book launch will take place on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at the lovely Waterstones on Kensington High Street. If you’ll be traveling in London on this date, do check out the event details below and enjoy the book launch with author Liz Fenwick!


Five Questions with Liz Fenwick

Liz was very kind to stop by the London Perfect Blog to share more about her travels and writing in Cornwall as well as a few of her favorite spots in London! You can also find Liz online and catch a glimpse of a writer’s life on her blog Just Keep Writing and Other Thoughts… and her website.


What first brought you to Cornwall in England?

My husband, then boyfriend, brought me to Cornwall to meet his parents about a month after we met. It was a glorious weekend in June and I fell in love … with Cornwall. I think I may have already been in love with him!


What about Cornwall spoke to your heart?

There is something about the landscape, the buildings, the people, the legends that speaks to me as a writer. Everywhere I look I feel stories. It’s hard to explain but it almost talks to me. Maybe whispers is a better description.


When did you know Cornwall would be setting for your books? Did the stories evolve from the landscape and your time there?

From my first visit in 1989, I think I was taking in everything about it so that when I sat down in 2005 to write the book that is now called A Cornish Affair my love of Cornwall just spilled out. And every book I have written since 2005 has been set in Cornwall. My debut novel, The Cornish House, asks the question: Can a house heal a broken heart? In A Cornish Affair Jude, the heroine runs away from Cape Cod to Cornwall and finds out sometimes running away is the answer.


Why should travelers in England visit Cornwall?

It is magic. Have you ever been to a place where you can feel the history, the legends and see how time and harsh weather have shaped the landscape? Cornwall gives you all of that from the bleak beauty of Bodmin Moor to the lush river valleys on the east coast. It has quaint fishing villages and fabulous restaurants but it’s all real and that’s what so brilliant about it.


Do you have any favorite spots in London to share with our readers?

I love London. My favourite spots in London are: Hyde Park all of it – just walking there you can’t believe you are in a city like London. The gardens of Kensington Palace always delight me no matter the time of year. I love the Kensington Wine Bar …fabulous food and wonderful wines by the glass. The experience of 10:30 Mass at Westminster Cathedral is perfect … the choir is divine and the organ superb. I also love the Victoria and Albert Museum. I love to just go and look around for short periods …there is so much it is easy to be overwhelmed but in small chunks it’s just right.



The Launch of A Cornish Affair

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Waterstones Kensington

193 Kensington High Street, W8 6SH London


Please come and join me for a Cornish Cream Tea to launch my latest book A Cornish Affair


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