Dine In Comfort At Westminster Abbey’s Cellarium Cafe


When you think of Westminster Abbey it may initially bring to mind the incredible Gothic interiors and the vast history of this world-renowned landmark: from King Edward’s coronation chair, to the burial locations of scientists Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, but more currently, this historic abbey is also making its mark on London’s foodie map with its delightful Cellarium Cafe and Terrace.


During the time the Benedictine monks filled the abbey, they had a tradition of hospitality, making sure that anyone who walked through the doors would be presented with good food and drink. Keeping this tradition alive, the Cellarium Cafe and Terrace is as cozy as it is delicious. Placed within the 14th century cellars where the monks used to store their own bread, cheese and wine, this restaurant is situated over two floors. The first floor is a beautiful setting of the cellar’s ancient arches to warm you during the fall and winter, while the second floor is a spacious, sun-filled terrace to brighten your dining experience during the spring and summer months.


As soon as you enter the Cellarium, you are given a preview of its beauty and deliciousness. Not only do you walk through 13th century cloisters, but you are greeted by a host table of yummy pastries. The downstairs seating area is radiant, featuring wagon wheel chandeliers and ancient religious artifacts displayed in wall nooks. If you want to eat upstairs, you’re in for an ambiance made up of windows and honey wood. Either way, you’ll feel relaxed. With its warm atmosphere and friendly service, the Cellarium is one of the most comfortable places you can dine in the city. But it’s the food that’s going to hook you!


Whether you’re looking for something light and fresh or hearty and flavorful, the restaurant menus have the perfect food for any appetite. Everything from brioche French toast, salmon and scrambled eggs and an English bacon sandwich can be found on the breakfast menu, while you can order a rib eye steak sandwich, chicken paillard and Lincolnshire sausages on the lunch menu. If you have a taste for Earl Grey and scones, the Cellarium’s afternoon tea menu is filled with an assortment of teas, cakes and puddings, and with every main meal purchase, you get a meal from the kids’ menu…for free! This is a deal you can get all day, every day.


The Cellarium is open from Monday to Friday from 8am-6pm, Saturday from 9am-5pm and Sunday from 10am-4pm. Though you might not be able to resist an official visit, you don’t have to take a tour of Westminster Abbey to enjoy this restaurant, and if you find yourself unable to have a sit-down meal, the restaurant’s kiosk is stationed in the Sanctuary outside of the West Towers, providing you with sandwiches, snacks and drinks that have been locally sourced. Just like the Benedictine monks, the Cellarium is here to please! Click onto the website to book your reservation.

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