What to Pack for London

From weather-appropriate apparel to the extras that will come in handy, packing for London is an art. Ensure you'll have everything you need, while saving space to take treasures back home.

What to Pack for London

The weather in London has a reputation for being a bit unpredictable. Clouds - and rain - can come and go quickly, so always have an umbrella handy. On average London experiences mild temperatures throughout the year. You can expect warm and pleasant summers with light rain showers, wet and chilly autumns, cool winters and brisk springs.

What to Pack for Spring

Spring is the most unpredictable time of year in London. A bright sunny morning can easily give way to a grey and rainy afternoon. Pack warm clothes that you can layer along with some boots or water resistant shoes. Spring nights are almost always cold, especially in March and April. Bring along a warm coat and if you plan on exploring the city after dark, and you might also want to pack a pair of gloves, a scarf and a hat.

What to Pack for Summer

Summers in London are characterised by long sunny days and cool nights. This is usually the driest part of the year, but light rain showers are still a common occurrence. Feel free to pack your typical summer wardrobe of t-shirts, shorts, breathable pants and even sunglasses, but also bring along a few light sweaters, cardigans, jeans and a light jacket for when it gets cooler at night.

What to Pack for Autumn

The start of autumn can often times still be quite warm in London. Temperatures tend to drop significantly in mid-October. To be safe on the safe side, pack multiple layers in preparation for cold and wet weather. Wrap up in a cozy sweater, a heavy jacket and boots or water resistant shoes. A hat, scarf and gloves are also a must, especially if you plan on being out at night.

What to Pack for Winter

While winters in London are fairly mild, the wet weather can make it feel a lot colder than it is. Stay cozy and warm in your thickest winter coat. Pack layers of sweaters and long-sleeve shirts along with jeans and other long pants. Keep your feet warm and dry in leather boots or water resistant shoes, and top things off with a winter hat, scarf and gloves.

General Packing Tips for London

The best way to pack for a trip to the London, regardless of what time of year you’re visiting, is to be prepared for anything. A sweater and jacket or coat should be near the top of your packing list. If you plan on spending a lot of time outside in parks or exploring the streets of the UK capital, invest in a comfortable pair of boots or water resistant shoes. Of course, above all else, remember to bring your umbrella!

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