Museums in London

Explore the amazing array of museums in London. See historical artifacts in the British Museum and find scientific wonders in the Science Museum. London has something to see and learn for everyone.

Museums in London

The British Museum

The British Museum houses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of objects documenting the history of human culture from its beginnings to the present.

Victoria & Albert Museum

Famed as the world’s largest museum of arts and design, the Victoria & Albert Museum always presents an opportunity to discover something new. Representing the best of fashion, art, culture and design, the V&A is a must-see destination for contemporary art lovers everywhere.

Natural History Museum

Inquiring minds of all ages will be fascinated at the National History Museum – a sprawling testament to global history that spans millions of years. From massive dinosaur skeletons to seasonal butterfly gardens, every visit presents an opportunity to discover something new about the world of London and beyond.

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The Science Museum

A thrilling attraction that will delight visitors of all ages, the Scenic Museum is home to London’s own IMAX Theater, a collection of award-winning exhibits, and interactive displays designed to keep everyone engaged and utterly fascinated.

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Museum of London

The world's largest urban museum, with more than two million objects telling the story of London from prehistoric times to present.  Also home to the largest archaeological archive in Europe and the fabulous Galleries of Modern London.

The National Gallery

Enjoy a leisurely tour of a collection of the world’s most beautiful and famous artworks with a visit to the National Gallery. Home to more than 2,000 Western European works by masters like Van Gogh, Picasso, Leonardo di Vinci and Monet, art lovers will be in heaven at this true British treasure.

Tate Modern

World renowned as the center of modern art, the Tate Modern is a must for culturally inclined visitors who want to be on the cutting edge of the arts scene. With thousands of contemporary pieces that range from Pollock to Warhol, the Tate Modern truly lives up to its name.

London Transport Museum

From the first underground trains of the tube, to the famed double decker buses, London is a destination where the transportation is as iconic as the city itself. Learn all about this history while marveling at the varying vehicles on display with an engrossing tour that everyone will want to board.

The Churchill Museum

Housed within the original Cabinet War Rooms, The Churchill Museum uses cutting-edge technology and multimedia displays to bring to life the exciting story of Winston Churchill.  One of the highlights is the 15m long Lifeline table, an interactive display that lets you access information from every year of Churchill’s life.

Imperial War Museum

Discover the rich military history that has shaped the modern world with a visit to the Imperial War Museum. Outlining the stories behind the nation’s largest conflicts from WWI to present, this museum presents a fascinating tour of military history that stretches well beyond London’s city borders.

National Maritime Museum

Follow the footsteps of famous explorers, or set sail in a state-of-the-art seafaring stimulator, with a visit to the National Maritime Museum. Home to more than 2 million shipshape artifacts, this museum provides fascinating insight into centuries of Britain’s maritime adventures. 

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Design Museum

From fashion to architecture, the unique designs that shape our lives are all represented at the contemporary Design Museum. The end result of the sprawling and ever-changing exhibits is a fascinating look into the designers and artists who are making a mark on the modern world.

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