The Royal Wedding — What is it About English Hats?


The Princesses and their hats

British occasions — from weddings to horse races — mean English women go shopping for hats.  The Royal Wedding in London last week was no exception.  As ever, I was amazed by the bold designs, colors and sheer size of the hats!  Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice took the spotlight, while I took a moment to look back on other creations they have worn.

A younger Princess Eugenie at Royal Ascot, quite conservative

The color combination of purple and green was charming, but my French mother-in-law commented, ‘Why not a simpler, more classic design to ze dress and hat? Someone should take zem to Avenue Montaigne  in Paris, to visit ze Grand Couturiers. Tell them to stop first in Chanel and then Dior.”

A flying saucer green hat


A fun hat for Eugenie on this special occasion.

A purple hat

Eugenie has a wonderful sense of humor; butterflies everywhere!

Very busy butterflies on Beatrice

Mother and daughers all chose little feathery numbers for this wedding.  Sweet!

Mother and daughters at another Royal Wedding

Beatrice at Ascot, starting to enjoy bigger hats…

Beatrice at Ascot in pretty white hat

Amazing contrasts in fashion.  The sleek style of cousin Zara compared to the more colorful looks of Beatrice and Eugenie in London last week.

Cousins hats — different tastes

Camilla wore an over-sized woven hat to the wedding.

Beautiful big hat on Camilla

Camilla likes large hats too…. in fact all of England seems to like large hats.

Bit topper style hat for Camilla

A large pale blue hat for Camilla …

Big blue hat

I contrast the ‘big hat’ choices with 2 stylish women who were at the wedding in London last week:  Victoria Beckham and the Queen of Spain. Some got the dress and hat just right.

Never smiling but chic hat

Even though she isn’t smiling, the smaller hat flatters Victoria Beckham and fits her head .

Stunning hat on Queen of Spain

The Queen of Spain was stunning in a chic beige silk suit with flattering hat. What style!

And then there’s Ladies Day at Ascot…  I took a moment to ponder some of the most outrageous  hats that have appeared in London recent years. You’ve got to enjoy them, even if they’re not flattering.

The wedding cake hat

The biggest hat I’ve seen at Ascot

Yes, even an ice cream cone hat

Words fail to describe this hat creation in London

‘Bowl of strawberries on her head’ hat

How does the ribbon hat stay on?

Literally a cigarette girl hat

With a strawberry on top!

The next big hat occasion for the Press is Ladies Day at Royal Ascot on June 16.  Count on a post from us with the most outrageous hats for 2012!

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