Why You Should Visit London During London Fashion Week

With a bustling fashion scene that ranges from high street to haute couture, London Fashion Week is one of the most important dates on the global fashion calendar. Taking place twice a year (in February and September), London Fashion Week features the work of over 250 designers, but you don’t have to be a fashion-world insider to enjoy all the action. In London, the public is actually invited to join in via citywide celebrations and special ticket packages. Here’s how to make the most of London during its most stylish week. ... Read More

Where To Get Glammed Up For Valentine’s Day in London

With cute, cozy pubs and gorgeous parklands designed for hand-in-hand strolls, London is the perfect city for romantics. There’s no better excuse than Valentine’s Day in London to plan a night on the town or just a lovely day out (there are plenty of sweet activities to enjoy like afternoon tea and river cruises). Whether you’re pushing out the boat at one of London’s most romantic restaurants or just cuddling up on the couch in the perfect apartment built for two, these salons and spas will have you looking and feeling your best. ... Read More

Where to See the Earliest Spring Blooms in London

One needn’t to wait for April to experience breathtaking displays of spring blooming flowers in London. As early as the first week of March, cheery yellow and white daffodils, dramatic crimson camellias and luscious pink magnolias are brightening up the city’s parks and streets. From Buckingham Palace to Regent’s Park, from The City to Kew Gardens and residential areas in between, the stark tones of winter are replaced with bursts of color. ... Read More

A Look Inside the York House in Kensington: A Serene Sanctuary

Set on a quiet lane just off Kensington Church Street, the high-spec York apartment is one of our very best Kensington apartments. Laid out over four floors, this well-dressed sanctuary sleeps six with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It’s ideal for families with older children, especially since it’s nestled away on a peaceful street but still close enough to enjoy the best of what London has to offer. Here’s why you need to stay. ... Read More

Here’s How to Celebrate Chinese New Year In London

London loves to celebrate, and Chinese New Year—the festival celebrating the new year in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar—is a major party in the capital. In fact, it’s the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations outside Asia. Visitors are welcome to join in with all-day entertainment, including a parade with Chinese lions and dragons, which is one of the main events. Here’s how to celebrate Chinese New Year in London. ... Read More

Retail Therapy: Inside the January Sales in London

London is one of the best months to visit London. It’s not too crowded and the weather is relatively mild—especially compared to most European capitals. Also, the shopping is fantastic. Yes, there’s great shopping to be had all year round, but London’s January sales make the city that much more attractive to fashion-forward bargain hunters on the prowl for the latest goods. Here’s where to go to get the best deals… ... Read More

Why You Need to Visit London in 2020

There are plenty of reasons to visit London in 2020: With major new art shows and stage productions coming to town, plus anniversaries and sporting events to look forward to, the city is kicking off the next decade with plenty of pomp and circumstance. January is a great time to visit. Here’s why you need to visit London in 2020: ... Read More

How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In London

Like in all major capital cities around the world, New Year’s Eve in London is a big deal. There are plenty of ways to celebrate and get in on the action—even if you’re just visiting for a few days. From colossal, sparkling fireworks shows set against the majestic London skyline to never-ending parties and everything in between, this is how to ring in the New Year in style.  ... Read More

Hot Spots: London’s Best Indian Restaurants

London is home to over half a million British Indians. With these numbers, it’s no surprise that London is blessed with some of the world’s very best Indian restaurants outside of India. Here, we’re looking at London’s vast and impressive Indian food scene and rounding up London’s Best Indian Restaurants. Get your fill of fantastic flavors and sensational spice at these hot spots that dish out everything from homemade regional specialties to high-end haute cuisine. ... Read More

Etiquette Guide To Afternoon Tea In London

Going out for afternoon tea in London is a favorite pastime for visitors to the capital city. Whether it’s your first trip to London or your fiftieth, afternoon tea is always a good idea. Restaurants and tearooms are always changing up their offerings, so there’s always something new to sample, and there are always the tried and true classic afternoon tea spots to return to again and again. No matter where you choose to take your tea, here are a few etiquette tips and tricks to have you looking like a pro as you sip your favorite brew and tuck into some fluffy scones. ... Read More

London’s Best Ice Rinks to Enjoy during the Holiday Season

Though winter is the perfect time to curl up indoors in front of the fire, there’s still plenty of festive fun to have outdoors. And because winter can be relatively mild in London, spending time outdoors is hardly a chore in this capital city. One of the most magical winter activities to enjoy during this time of the year is ice-skating. With super locations like in front of the impressive Tower Bridge and outside the enchanting Natural History Museum, these are London’s best ice rinks for some frosty, family-friendly fun. ... Read More

A Guide to Christmas in London for 2019

Christmas in London is like something out of a fairytale. With frosty, Tudor buildings that look straight out of Charles Dickens to the canopy of Christmas lights over Regrets Street and Oxford Circle, it’s impossible not to feel the pervasive holiday spirit when visiting London in December. Though most of the season’s festivities and events take place annually, here are a few unique ways to enjoy Christmas in London this year. ... Read More

Art, Antiques and Indie Shops: A Guide To Kensington Church Street

Kensington Church Street is one of Kensington’s most charming streets with neighborhood floral boutiques, art and antique shops, eccentric pubs and quaint teahouses. Originally, Kensington Church Street was created as a lane to join two Roman roads. The buildings at the southern end of the street (toward Kensington High Street) date back to the early 1700s. At the southern end of the street, you’ll find the formidable St. Mary Abbots built in 1872, which is the church that the street is named after. Here’s the full guide on where to shop (or window-shop) for art and antiques and more on one of London’s most enchanting high streets. ... Read More

How To Shop Like A Royal In London

With artisan brands and heritage fashion, the shopping in London is simply legendary. Even the royal family loves to shop—and in fact, it’s easy to shop like a royal in London. If you’re curious as to what they’re buying, you can just take a peek at the official List of Royal Warrant Holders, which is a collection of all the shops and companies that provide goods or services to the royal household. (In other words, they’re the best of the best.) Here’s where to shop if you’re after regal goods. ... Read More

How to Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in London

November 5th is known as Guy Fawkes Night in London and all across the United Kingdom. It’s an annual British observance commemorating the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605—but we’ll get into all that in a moment. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting London on this day, expect a citywide party made up of fireworks, sparklers, bonfires and plenty of food. Here’s everything you need to know about to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in London. ... Read More

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