Our Friendly Reservations Team … and the Youngest Members!


The Youngest Members of the London Perfect Team!

The London Perfect team together today in order to visit our newest apartments so the reservationists can answer questions on the location and all of the apartment features. Over lunch we discussed discuss ideas of how to offer an even better guest experience in London. Most of the team are comprised of mothers who work from home … and they are the reason for our success! Smart and friendly with flexible hours, mothers who work from home are committed to the highest quality work. Plus, their multi-taking skills means they accomplish more in one hour than in any office situation we’ve ever worked in.

Megan and Zoey brought their little ones today who shared their opinions …  and boundless energy with us!

Amelia showed us her foot trick….

Some of us remembered when our own children started to walk with a smile, while others were happy to have just passed that stage with their own children. Amelia showed us her skills at sticking her leg through the bannister and Elena hummed while she ate her date bar!

We accomplished a lot, improving our London information packs, coordination with greeters … and Zoey volunteered to post a blog on great English children’s books and activities for families. Look out for it soon!

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