Antiques and Fine Art Fair at the Mall Galleries – The Winner of the Ticket Giveaway


Greetings, London Perfect readers. As you know we do things with a certain style, panache and – to borrow a phrase from our French neighbours – a certain je ne sais quoi. So you will be pleased to hear that choosing the winner for two tickets to the Antiques and Fine Art Fair at the Mall Galleries was a suitably bold affair.

To begin with, we had to get into the mood:

Panama Mood

An exercise in British symbolism.

  1. The hat from which the winner would be picked: a Panama. The most suitable bit of millinery for any British head to wear in summer as it’s cool, dashing and ensures you don’t burn the back of your neck.
  2. Teapot with accompanying cup and saucer: for without tea, us English are dust. DUST. Don’t tease us about it. And don’t deprive us of it either. Otherwise there will be trouble.
  3. A cricket ball: for ‘tis summer and one needs an outdoorsy summer event at which to wear one’s Panama hat. For those who don’t know anything about cricket, imagine baseball but played for five days accompanied by lots of tea and cake. There you have it…
  4. Paddington at the Palace – Adding this book to the mix was a canny move, even if I do say so myself. You see, Paddington Bear is one of the superstars of children’s literature here in England. In addition he visits Buckingham Palace to see the Changing the Guard. There’s so much London-ness packed into a handful of pages as to be almost a guidebook in its own right.
  5. Although you can’t hear it, I was playing Rule Britannia at full volume during the picking of the winner.

And now for the competitors’ names: I could have done scraps of paper but how underwhelming would that have been if you consider the effort gone into the mood created above. Only miniature flags with names written on them would do.

Mini Flags

A suitably Britishly hued selection of flags for our ticket giveaway.

But what about the picker of the winner from the Panama hat? Fortunately we found someone impartial, someone lovely and demure, filled with a spirit of fair play, justice and all things good and great.

Unfortunately as the picker is such a demure and modest creature I could only get a photo of his … ahem, sorry, HER hand. Let’s call her Jane or maybe Charlotte or possibly Elizabeth.

Demure Hand

The loveliest of hands to pick a winner from the loveliest of ticket giveaways.

Anyway, let’s shuffle along quickly to the picking of the winner.

In goes the hand.

PIcking a winner

Ooooh! The Excitement! The Tension! Who will be the winner?!

And out comes a winner!

A winner

A winner!

So many congratulations to Rhi. We’ll be in touch to get those tickets to you as soon as possible. On behalf of London Perfect and Penman Antiques Fairs, we hope you have a marvelous time at the Antiques and Fine Art Fair later this month.

Phew! After all that style, panache and je ne sais quoi I think it’s time for a cup of tea and a sit down.



Zoë F. Willis is a writer and enthusiastic London resident. You can read more about her adventures and creative exploits at


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