Wonderful London in 1924 & 2014

Wonderful London Video by Simon Smith

See what a difference 90 years makes in London!

London is a city that just oozes history. Walking down most streets there’s that sense that you could suddenly have been transported back in time for moment before a modern double-decker bus zooms by or you turn a corner and find a long row of Boris Bikes. But just what did London look like a 100 years ago? Well, you’ll have to settle with 90 years, because that’s what you can discover in this clever video Wonderful London 1924 & 2014 by Simon Smith. Watch closely as documentary footage from the 1920s is blended into the same London scenes today. Absolutely fascinating!



Want to see more historic London? The fine folks over at TimeOut London have put together a gallery of before and after London photos.

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