Beware the Jabberwocky!


Puppetry from The Little Angel Theatre, Islington.

Imaginative puppetry from The Little Angel Theatre in Islington

Ever seen your kid “galumphing?”Or “chortled” at a joke? Then you quote from Lewis Carroll’s delightful nonsense poem, The Jabberwocky. This delicious piece of prose also features such magnificent inventions (which didn’t quite make it into the dictionary) as “slithy toves,” “the Jubjub bird” and “the frumious Bandersnatch.” If you’re in London before February 1st, you have a chance to see a beautiful puppet version of this poem, courtesy of The Little Angel Theatre in Islington.

Long-string marionettes and bunraku puppets are used to bring the world of the author of Alice in Wonderland to life. Watch as the beamish boy journeys through a dream-like world to grapple with fear itself using only his “vorpal sword in hand” until he eventually meets the Jabberwock! Eeek, it’s a little scary so performances run in the daytime for children over 5 and in the evening for adults only.

If you’re coming to London later in the year, then look out for Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, The Gingerbread Men and other puppet treats all from The Little Angel Theatre Company for a fun and unique theatre experience!



Megan Donnelly is a writer and former Londoner, currently residing at London-by-Sea, or Brighton as it’s otherwise known. You can read more about her travels at:


(Photography courtesy of The Little Angel Theatre Company, Islington)

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