Is Now the Time to Buy a London Home? Watch Our Webinar to Find Out


Is Now the Time to Buy a London Home by London Perfect Eldon Apartment

Have you ever wanted to buy a home in London? Whether as a vacation or investment home, our free webinar will help you find out how to capitalize on your purchase.

London will always be a world-class city, and now may be the right time to consider purchasing a second home or investment property to offer as a vacation rental. During our upcoming webinar, Is Now the Time to Buy a London Home? you’ll find out why now is a good time to invest, where to start, and how to follow through.

Buy a London Home Webinar:

Is Now the Time to Buy a London Home? is a thirty-minute seminar covering the basics of purchasing a property in London with the intention of offering it as a vacation rental.

This webinar, led by London real estate experts Suzanne Millar and Madelyn Byrne, will discuss today’s property market in London; provide a detailed overview on what buyers should look for; and explain how to rent and manage your property to capitalize on your investment. Suzanne and Madelyn will also cover the questions that should be on every buyer’s mind like:

  • What is the impact of Brexit and how have prices fallen?
  • What makes London a compelling place to invest in?
  • Are there any bargains out there?
  • What are the vacation rental restrictions?
  • What should I look for and what should I avoid?


Suzanne Millar graduated with an MBA from Wharton and moved to London over 30 years ago after meeting and marrying a Brit. She has been working in London real estate for over 20 years. Suzanne has successfully advised buyers on the best property purchases and will share knowledge about this market. She will explain why London is an ideal place to invest and why now may be an excellent time.  Besides advising on the best and worst areas to buy, Suzanne will also cover costs to purchase, as well as ongoing expenditures that buyers should be aware of in advance.

Madelyn Byrne, is a founder of London Perfect and a bona fide Londoner for more than 25 years. With an MBA from Stanford, she spent over two decades in investment research, equity sales and M+A in London. Having founded the luxury vacation rental companies Paris Perfect and London Perfect almost twenty years ago, she knows how to find the best properties to get the most out of your investment. Madelyn will cover what to expect after purchasing and how London Perfect can help you get a solid return on your investment, including overseeing and advising on remodeling and providing regular checks and management of your property. She’ll also share her advice on how to navigate London’s bureaucratic property laws and the technical side of vacation leases.


For the past twenty years, London Perfect has garnered a reputation for attracting high-end holiday rental clients who pay a premium price for the best rentals. Over 40% of guests return year after year and own fine homes themselves, meaning they know how to take care of luxury properties. A number of guests approached us to find similar properties in London and Paris for them to purchase themselves. As a result, we’ve developed a reputation for finding beautiful properties that make excellent investments.


Several important factors have led to a weak property market in London, including declining prices, a weaker currency and unsold inventory. We believe London’s property market has hit a significant juncture and now may be a good time to invest. Suzanne will cover the effect of Brexit, weaker currency and key irreplaceable advantages in the incredible city of London.


The London property market—though ripe for investment—is not always easy to navigate. Suzanne and Madelyn will spill secrets from their decades of experience. You’re not going to want to miss this.


High Points of the Webinar:

3:43 The Perfect Storm – 3 main reasons why and how far real estate prices have fallen
6:40  Neighborhoods we like best and ones we would not buy in
7:35  Rough guide to apartment prices in central London
8:15: Don’t miss these slides! Tips on what is an excellent property and price vs a few examples of overpriced properties
16:16: What makes a premium short term rental?
17:23: What we do for owners at London Perfect
17:54:  Short-term rental rules in London
19:17:  Don’t miss these photos–how we improve properties for the best returns
28:09: Profile of London Perfect guests
29:22  Market conditions post-Brexit
30:31  Important Question–could prices decline a lot more, if there’s a no Brexit deal.


We’ve uploaded the documents in our webinar for your convenience. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to answer any questions or to buy your very own home in London!

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Is Now the Time to Buy a London Home Presentation Part II


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