Enjoy a Ted Lasso or James Bond Walking Tour in London

Ted Lasso

A fun and unique way to explore London is through the lens of your favourite TV series or movie. Because London is such a scenic city, many TV series and movies have used the London streets to tell a story. Whether it’s a shot of a well-known structure like Big Ben or something unfamiliar to you like a bustling London market, chances are there is a sightseeing tour for you to learn more about your favourite film or TV show. Vacation Perfect has plenty of suggestions for Harry Potter, Ted Lasso or a James Bond tour and more for when you visit London. Take a moment and explore our beautiful selection of hand-picked London vacation rentals and then plan your Ted Lasso or James Bond tours or fall into a fictional world of a place you aren’t familiar with on your upcoming London walking tour.

Harry Potter Tours in London

Here you’ll travel to the Warner Brothers Studio just outside of London on a luxury coach and enter the world that’s “behind the scenes” of Harry Potter. Wander past the set of the Great Hall, where the students gathered for feasts, and peek into Dumbledore’s office, which is full of amazing curiosities.

James Bond Walking Tour

Get as close as possible to the world of espionage with this James Bond walking tour in London. This tour will take you to film locations from Bond movies like Skyfall, No Time to Die, A View to a Kill, and more. In addition, you will learn a bit about British secret service Ian Fleming’s life. You will also pass by the real-life locations of the National Gallery, Whitehall, MI5 and MI6.

Ted Lasso Walking Tour

If you are a big Ted Lasso fan, there is no substitute for this walking tour, which takes you to 24 locations from the series. This tour will continue a unique perspective because residents will share bits of info about the filming process and more. There are group tours and private tours available.

Step Into Your Favorite Shows And Movies

This is just a sample of the James Bond, Harry Potter or Ted Lasso tours you can participate in when you visit London. This is a popular city, so many stories use this city for a narrative. View all of our recommended London tours here. Make a personal story while on vacation by starting at a vacation rental through Vacation Perfect. To learn more about London, read our travel guide at London Perfect for more things to do and how to plan your vacation. Contact us on our website or call 1-888-520-2087 to learn about renting a fabulous vacation rental in London.

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