Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace began its life as a country mansion called Nottingham House, until it was bought by King William and Queen Mary and expanded into a more fitting royal residence. Until the reign of Queen Victoria, Kensington Palace remained a popular home for the British monarchs, each of whom added their own wing(s) and embellishments.

Enter the permanent exhibition of Victoria Revealed, and discover the fascinating life of Britain’s longest reigning monarch who spent her childhood years at Kensington. Admire the dresses of the country's queens and princesses on display in the Fashion Rules collection. See the impressive mural as your climb the King's Staircase, and see if you can spot the King and the mural's artist amongst the 45 members painted from King George's court. Explore the State Apartments which are lavishly decorated with treasures from the Royal Collection, and then head outside to wander in the beautifully manicured palace grounds. Enjoy the unusual layout of the Sunken Gardens, and then meander along the boardwalk in Queen Caroline's formal gardens. Before you leave, be sure to stop at the Orangery Café and Restaurant and dine on the delicious homemade cuisine. Every corner of this ornate castle exudes royalty, which makes it a fitting outing for history buffs and London explorers with an inherently noble sense of style.

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