London at Sunrise


I like to drive my daughter to school if I’ve got time in the mornings.  It’s a great time to talk about life, friends, school and more.  One of the benefits is that we drive through Kensington Gardens, where it divides with Hyde Park.  The other week, was lucky enough to see this sunrise as we drove past.

My daughter thought I was crazy, but I had my camera with me, pulled the car over and took these pictures.

the Serpentine in London at sunrise. Houses of Parliament in the distance.

It was such a beautiful sunrise, seeing the Houses of Parliament in the distance.  We were so lucky to have seen it!

London Serpentine sunrise view

The water had frozen in a wavy pattern overnight

To the right we could see the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, marked by the beautiful bronze statue of a Flamingo.

Princess Diana Memorial London

The entrance to the Princess Diana Memorial on a winter morning...

The days are so short but it will make spring all the more special!

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