Spring Blossoms in Kensington Gardens


Kensington Palace in the Springtime London

A field of daffodils is the perfect spring touch at Kensington Palace

For those of you who love the outdoors, London’s parks and gardens are an oasis right in the heart of one of the world’s most exciting cities. Kensington Gardens and adjacent Hyde park together come in at 625 acres. In the middle of such a huge open space you really can forget just how close you are to the hustle and bustle of High Street Kensington, the shopping frenzy of Oxford Street and the culture centre of Albertopolis and Museum Row in South Kensington. Whether you’re looking for a good run without having to worry about traffic or simply enjoy nature, Kensington Gardens is one of London’s most beautiful outdoor spots.

Kensington Garden Dafodils London

Ahhh … spring beauties in London!

And in the springtime there are daffodils. Loads of them! Surely now we’re approaching perfection, no? Pretty close for this writer and hearty daffodil fan. While out for a stroll through Kensington Gardens recently, I just had to pull out the camera when I spotted a rolling field dotted with daffodils in front of Kensington Palace. The Orangery, where Queen Anne’s orange trees were once kept safe from the winter chill, was looking particularly lovely in the spring sunshine.

Kensington Palace Orangery with Daffodils London

How about tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace?

The Sunken Garden was also quite colorful with its rows of daffodils and bright pink flowers. These gardens were built for Edward VII in 1909 to replace a bunch of greenhouses and sheds. Quite an improvement I’d say!

Kensington Palace Sunken Gardens London

Colourful spring touches at the Kensington Palace gardens

Along one side of Kensington Palace I spotted a row of brilliant orange tulips not far from the bronze statue of William III. A historical reference to William of Orange in flowers or just chance?

Kensington Palace William III and Orange Tulips

Orange tulips for William III? Why how clever of you, Kensington Palace!

After the winter months there’s nothing like that first glimpse of green on the trees. Everything changes!

Kensington Gardens London Spring Green on the Trees

The very first dusting of green on the trees in Kensington Gardens

The camera stayed out during my entire walk because there were so many beautiful blossoms and colours in Kensington Gardens. I love how the gardens go from vast open spaces to small pathways lined with tall trees that create a sensation of being hidden away from the rest of the world.

Kensington Gardens London Spring Blossoms and Colours

A springtime stroll through Kensington Gardens

One of my favourite paths is along the South Flower Walk (upper right) that runs from the Albert Memorial west toward Kensington Palace. It’s a peaceful walk where dogs have to be kept on leads. I’m sure the birds have figured that out since I usually see more here than anywhere else!

Kesington Gardens London Spring Blossoms and Flowers

What a delicious scent in the air!

I wish I could share the sweet scent of of the blossoms and flowers. But, alas, you’ll just have to put a springtime visit to London on your travel calendars. You’ll love it!

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