Drop-in and Tone-Up: The Best London Gyms for Travelers


Best London Gyms for Travelers by London Perfect spinning class

It’s not always easy to stay fit while traveling, but with cool studios and gyms with relaxed drop-in policies, London is packed with fitness options for health-conscious visitors. Whether your jam is yoga or Pilates, barre or spin, London has something for everyone’s taste and skill level. Here are a few of our favorite London gyms for travelers that allow drop-in classes for non-members.

7 London Gyms For Travelers

Sweat Like A Prima Ballerina At Barrecore

Ballet- and dance-based barre classes are a great workout. Barrecore has 12 studios across London including studios in the London Perfect favorite neighborhoods of Chelsea, Notting Hill and Kensington. One class is £28, but there are several good introductory offers to be taken advantage of (like the 3-classes-for-the-price-of-2 deal at £56).

Best London Gyms for Travelers by London Perfect reformer pilates

Reform Your Body With Reformer Pilates

Pilates has proven it’s more than a passing fad, and people swear by reformer Pilates, which is Pilates done on the reformer machine. Head to the sleek and uplifting Heartcore to give it go. Heartcore has locations throughout London, include several studios in West London like Chelsea, Kensington and two in Notting Hill. The studios are right near many of our gorgeous London apartments.

In addition to Heartcore’s signature reformer Pilates workout, they also host yoga, spin, barre and strength classes. Classes start at £20 each, but if you buy a class pack (available in packs of 5, 10, 20, 30 classes), the per-class cost works out cheaper.

Punch It Out At Box Clever Sports

For a workout that packs a punch, head to a gritty boxing class at Box Clever Sports. This boxing gym is uniquely situated in a converted multilevel parking lot near Notting Hill, which is a quick walk from the charming Leicester. Book a private class or a group class, and trial classes start at just £14.

Best London Gyms for Travelers by London Perfect swimming pool

Go For A Swim At Chelsea Sports Centre

Swimming is a great way to get some exercise, and in the summer you can even do outdoor in London’s lidos and ponds. But in the colder months, head to Chelsea Sports Center, which has an 82-foot swimming pool. Beyond the pool there’s also state-of-art equipment, outdoor football fields and plenty of fitness studio classes, making this one of the best London gyms for travelers. It’s in the heart of Chelsea and just around the corner from many of our London Perfect apartments including the Christchurch. It costs just £4.60 to use the pool as a non-member.

Try TRX At Core Collective

The cool and stylish pay-as-you-go Core Collective studio is one of the best London gyms for travelers and locals alike. They have two locations: one in Knightsbridge and one in Kensington. The Kensington location is right by Holland Park and our Phillimore apartment, which actually has its own in-house gym!

All of Core Collective’s classes are killer, but their TRX class, which uses suspension training to work your whole body, is especially great. Classes start at £22 each, but if you buy them in bundles you can the price down to £16.50 each. They also have good deals for first-timers. There’s also a cute little cafe attached to the studio that serves a good selection of low-fat snacks. Grab a vitamin-packed smoothie to drink on your short walk home.

Best London Gyms for Travelers by London Perfect Yoga Studio

Get Zen At Ushvani

Ushvani is an ultra-luxurious day spa in Chelsea that also puts on amazing yoga classes. Every Tuesday evening you can join the vinyasa class for £18 per person. There are also private one-to-one classes and also special workshops. After a relaxing yoga class, treat yourself you a little spa treatment. After all these classes your muscles may need a little reprieve, and there are plenty of massage options to book. This studio also has a tourmaline-hued spa pool that’s just divine.

Also, it helps that this lovely little hideaway a just a few minutes walk from many of our London apartments including the lovely Sloane.

The Best London Gyms for Travelers by London Perfect Primrose Apartment

These studios are just a few of the many ways to stay fit in the city of London: You can also try ClassPass London, which lets you choose from thousands of different fitness classes all around London. (They even have a free trial for new clients.) Besides the gym aspect, there are actually plenty of other healthy things to do in London to make sure that you stick to your wellness-based New Year’s resolutions. Plan your trip today with a stay at one of our London Perfect apartments.

Drop-in and Tone-Up_ The Best London Gyms for Travelers by London Perfect


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