Ready For Liftoff: How To Get From Gatwick Airport To London


Gatwick Airport to London by London Perfect

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Gatwick Airport is one of London’s major international airports. After Heathrow Airport, Gatwick is the second-busiest airport in the United Kingdom. Though it’s smaller in size than Heathrow (it only has two terminals, North and South, compared to Heathrow’s five), it can still be a challenge to navigate. Here’s what you need to know to get yourself from Gatwick airport to London.

How to Get from Gatwick Airport to London

Gatwick airport to London by London Perfect

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Gatwick Express

Gatwick Airport is located south of London, and it’s not exactly right on the city’s doorstep. That said, the Gatwick Express train puts London well within reach. It’s one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get into London from Gatwick, and it’s not too expensive either.

The Gatwick Express goes from Gatwick to central London’s Victoria Station, which is right by the Belgravia apartment. The train is modern and well organized with real-time passenger updates, air-conditioning, power sockets and wifi.

The Gatwick Express train travels non-stop to Gatwick every 15 minutes and takes around 30 minutes in total. Tickets start around £25. You can buy tickets at the airport vending machine or at a ticket office. Also, you’ll save 10% by booking online in advance. For timetables and live updates, download the Gatwick Express app.

Gatwick Airport to London by London Perfect

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Local Train Service

You can get from Gatwick Airport to London via local train as well. Local trains take a bit longer, but they are cheaper (as low £8 if you travel during off-peak hours). Thameslink trains arrive into London Bridge and St Pancras International station. Southern trains arrive into London Victoria via Clapham Junction and East Croydon.

Train tickets can be purchased via a contactless credit card (you “tap in” at the station) or via an Oyster card, which can be purchased from the station or from the Transport for London desks in both the North and South terminals of Gatwick airport.

Gatwick Airport to London by London Perfect

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Coach Bus

There are several coach services that run from Gatwick Airport to London. Coach buses are usually the cheapest option, but the journey time can be lengthy (around two hours depending on traffic, congestion and time of day).

EasyBus offers service into London’s Chelsea neighborhood (Fulham Road) and prices start from just £2. During peak times, coaches depart every 15 minutes. These buses are usually a bit smaller (with around 13 seats) and aren’t known to leave on time or be particularly comfortable. Proceed with caution.

National Express buses arrive into London Victoria Coach Station (at the lower level forecourt). Buses leave every 30 minutes, and prices start at £8. National Express buses are known to be favored over EasyBus.

Gatwick Airport to London by London Perfect

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It’s not possible to take a black cab from Gatwick Airport to London since the airport is too far from the city, but there are taxis kiosks at Gatwick. Airport Cars Gatwick is the preferred taxi supplier to the airport, and you can find their cars waiting at the kiosk. Taxis are pretty expensive, but it will be cheaper to book in advance. You can get a taxi quote here to get a better idea about rates.

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Uber operates in London and can provide a more affordable option than a taxi. But it’s by no means cheap—especially not from Gatwick Airport. You can get a fare estimate here, but do be aware of surge pricing.

If you’re arriving from North Terminal, meet your driver at Car Park 6, level 1, at the Express Pick-Up Area. If you’re arriving into South Terminal, meet your driver at Orange Car Park, Level 0, at the Express Pick-up Area.

Gatwick Airport to London by London Perfect

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Private Car Transfer

For a swift and simple ride into the city, contact us. Our London Perfect driver will pick you up from the airport and give you door-to-door service. It’s a quick, safe and reliable transfer option.

A Note On Luggage: If you have heavy luggage or unwieldy luggage (like skis or surfboards, for example), you may want to consider a service like AirPortr. This company delivers your bags to and from Gatwick to any London address at a pre-arranged time. Rates start at £30 for the first bag and £10 for each additional bag (cost vary depending on drop-off / pick-up address).

For added ease, if you’re flying out of Gatwick with British Airways AirPortr can also check in your bags to your BA flight with their Bag Check-In service.

Now that you know how to travel from Gatwick Airport to London like a pro, we can help you find the perfect London vacation rental to come “home” to. There’s nothing like a long soak after a long flight, and our apartments are kitted out for relaxation. We also have the ideal apartments for couples and families. Get in touch today to learn more about all our offerings.

How To Get From Gatwick Airport To London by London Perfect

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