Casual Restaurants & Cafes

London can always accommodate tastes of all interests and ages. Uncover unforgettable cafes and kid-friendly eateries by sampling the more casual or unique sides of the city's dining scene.

Casual Restaurants & Cafes

Family Restaurants & Cafes

Let the kids have a ball discovering the joys of London cuisine – or just indulging in some familiar flavors – by exploring the myriad of eateries that are designed with young dining patrons in mind. Popular chain restaurants like Rainforest Café, Bubba Gump Shrimp and Planet Hollywood will satisfy all playful palettes with engaging atmosphere and décor, while a few surprise finds like the Masala Zone or Giraffe combine whimsical décor with tempting (but also healthy) options. From classic diners with super thick milkshakes to afternoon teas that can accommodate young visitors, dining is a family affair in this city that celebrates great taste on a daily basis.

Quirky Restaurants & Cafes

When it comes to unique dining experiences, London has more than its fair share of quirky establishments. With eccentric atmospheres and inviting cuisines, the sheer array of quirky places to eat is seemingly limited only to a diner’s imagination. Head to Beach Blanket Babylon or Trader Vic’s for an atmosphere that truly feels like it has been plucked from another world or time, or stop by unique eateries like Circus or Sarastro that redefine the concept of “dinner and a show” with incredible performances that take place before, after, or even during a meal. From completely-dark dining experiences where patrons must rely on their taste senses alone, to fully modern bistros where new culinary techniques lead to dishes that are exquisite works of art, finding a little something unusual on the London dining scene is always an easy adventure.





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